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Upskill your employees in IT and Project Management on-the-job

More info about our staff training packages

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Customer Success for business clients

40% of employees feel disengaged due to a lack of proper training. We can change this.

Our bespoke business course packages help employees feel invested in and valued, while our dedicated team offers a wealth of benefits for businesses that enrol their employees with us.

Our Account Management team will be in touch along your staff training journey with regular check-ins to ensure satisfactory course progression, feedback to help employees optimise their learning, and consultation on personalising your business’s Percipio platform to guarantee the best results from your investment. 

More info about our staff training packages

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Your Customer Success benefits

  • Once your staff are enrolled, your dedicated Account Manager will maximise your experience with us with benefits including:

    ✓ Keeping employee learning on track

    We can keep tabs on your Percipio platform, at your request, to ensure students are progressing well. If we see anyone falling behind schedule, we’ll let you know so we can work together to formulate a plan to help them complete their course faster.

    ✓ Increased student pass rates

    By monitoring your Percipio platform, we can identify dips in performance and arrange extra support via our StudentCare™ team, boosting students’ chances of passing exams. 

    ✓ Regular communication and feedback

    We’ll be in touch to check you’re happy with your employees’ progress. We can check in weekly, monthly, quarterly, or every six months – it’s up to you. 

    ✓ Bundles tailored to your business

    Tell us what courses your business would benefit from – whether it’s in IT, Project Management, Coding, Compliance, or all – and we’ll create a package specifically for you. 

    ✓ Get the most from your investment

    We oversee student learning to ensure your employees complete their training, meaning no money is spent on unfinished courses. We can also offer bigger discounts for renewed contracts – speak to your dedicated Customer Success Account Manager for more information. 

    ✓ Improved employee satisfaction

    Invest in your employees’ training and reap the benefits of increased employee satisfaction and upskilling. 

    ✓ Boost your business

    By enrolling your employees onto a custom business course package with us, you’re investing in your business’s growth and success. Talk to us to learn about which courses would benefit your employees and your business.



Each employee gets their own login details to your personalised Percipio platform to start their learning journey.

You get admin access to the platform so you can track learning progress, assign deadlines, create custom content for your organisation, and more. We’ll provide an in-depth demonstration on how to use Percipio for both you and your team.


You will be contacted by Customer Success to discuss your parameters for success for your employees’ training. From there, we’ll maintain regular communication with you and give feedback on your team’s progress to help you reach your goals. All employees are booked in with a StudentCare™ representative to ensure they know how to take advantage of StudentCare™ services and to create a study plan that suits them and you. 


According to your agreed Customer Success check-in timeline, we’ll be in touch with regular updates to ensure both we and you are happy with students’ progress. If needed, StudentCare™ will contact individual students where progression is slow or there are dips in performance to provide extra support. We’ll adjust study plans, help them overcome any obstacles, and stay in touch to ensure they don’t fall behind. 

Enrol your employees today

However many employees you’d like to enrol, we can create a custom course package tailored to your business’s needs. Speak to our team today to learn about which courses would best suit your business, ranging from IT, to Coding, Compliance, and Project Management.

More info about our staff training packages


Our team is always available to chat about your course package, your employees’ course progression and performance, and any concerns you might have. We’ll also check in regularly according to your schedule. StudentCare™ representatives are always on hand to assist students and ensure optimal learning satisfaction. 


Your business package and Percipio platform can be entirely customised to your business needs. Add and subtract courses from your bundle at your contract renewal date and enrol new students onto courses at any point. 


We provide progress reports for individual users and can also harness analytical data showing the progress of your whole team. This will show which courses and resources were most used in a specific timeframe, how many hours were spent learning, the duration of time spent logged in, and more.


How do you ensure students progress efficiently through the course?

We do this by accessing your Percipio platform at regular intervals that we agree with you during your account set-up process. We can see exactly what each student has accessed within their course structure and how long they’ve studied. If someone is falling behind, we’ll re-evaluate their learning plan and refer them to StudentCare™ to get them back on track. 

How can I access renewal discounts?

Simply renew your business account with us for a second year to get 10% off your personal package. Your discount will grow to 15% for 3 years, 20% for 4 years, and 25% for 5 years. Speak to your dedicated Account Manager today to learn more. 

How often will you check in with us?

We’ll be in touch as little or as often as you need us. We can arrange pre-agreed check-ins every week, fortnight, month, year, or any time that suits you. Plus, our team is always contactable whenever you need us outside of those arrangements.

Do you provide reports?

Yes, we share regular progress reports on individual learners and your team as a whole, so you can see how long is spent on learning, which courses are being accessed, and how far off your employees are from completing their courses.