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Live classrooms

Learning People provide live classrooms for all in-demand courses.

What are live classrooms?

At Learning People, our goal has always been to support student success, and we understand that everybody learns differently and has different needs. Our digital education is fully aligned to career development, consisting of the world’s leading online learning management system, the most sought after qualifications, expert mentors, live Practice Labs, exam preparation, careers advice and job placement. 

Our live classroom sessions run parallel to your self-paced tuition and are structured and delivered by industry and vendor-approved, fully qualified instructors. This acts as a hybrid learning system, whereby online learning is reinforced by the real-time classroom environment. 
Our most in-demand courses include a scheduled series of live instructor-led classroom sessions. Providing you with the opportunity to review what you’ve studied and giving you further insight into exam requirements.

How do the live classrooms work?

Once students have hit specific training milestones, they will be notified seven days in advance of each session to confirm the date of the session and their availability to attend. Each live class is approximately 2 hours. 
During the class, there will be an opportunity to have a live Q&A with your tutor. This is where attendees can ask questions ‘on the fly’ either by direct messaging or simply by raising a hand and asking in person.

Why should I attend live classrooms?

  • Access to industry-leading tutors covering real-world scenarios will accelerate your learning and strengthen your understanding of the subject.
  • A growing number of examinations include performance and scenario-based questions. Our classes will provide you with the confidence to tackle these questions and help you pass your exams the first time.
  • Accelerated learning means getting your certifications sooner, and by validating your skills faster, our Career Services team will be able to help you find employment ahead of schedule.

How do I access live classrooms?

Live classrooms are exclusive to Learning People students – to find out how you can access them, simply get in touch with one of our expert IT, code or project management career consultants today.

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