Exploring data science and code: Key influencers to follow for insights and inspiration

Discover top data science influencers to follow for insights, career advice, and industry trends. Enhance your knowledge and stay inspired.

When you're studying a new topic or entering a new industry, it can be interesting and beneficial to explore its online community. By identifying key role models, you can stay updated with industry news and trends. In the data and code world, there are countless accounts that offer industry-relevant insights. Let's take a look at some of our favourites.

Cathy O’Neil @mathbabedotorg

Cathy O’Neil is a data scientist, mathematician, mother, and bestselling author of Weapons of Math Destruction. Her niche is data and ethics, and her book focuses on the relationship between big data/algorithms and social inequality, exploring themes such as education, finance, and criminal justice. O’Neil’s work in this area has had significant impact on the discourse surrounding data ethics, and has even influenced public policy. Find her on Twitter @mathbabedotorg, or follow her blog for insights and interviews.

Tina Huang @tinahuang1

Tina Huang is a data scientist who previously worked for Meta. While the thought pieces are super interesting and may shape the way you look at your studies, the career advice pieces would be invaluably useful if you’re a career changer. Her YouTube content is aimed at both beginners and experienced professionals, covering topics like data analysis, coding best practices, career development, and the impacts of AI.

Hadley Wickham @hadleywickham

Hadley Wickham is a statistician and data scientist best known for his work in the R programming community. As the Chief Scientist at RStudio, he has developed several widely-used R packages, including ggplot2, dplyr, and tidyr, which are essential tools for data analysis and visualisation. Wickham's contributions have significantly shaped the field of data science by making data manipulation and visualisation more accessible. You can follow him on X @hadleywickham for fun coding anecdotes, and insights into R programming, data science, and statistics.

Ken Jee @KenJee_DS

Ken Jee is a data science professional and content creator known for his actionable advice on breaking into and thriving in the data science industry. He runs a popular YouTube channel where he shares tutorials on data science projects, career advice, and interviews with industry experts. Jee's content is particularly valuable for those looking to transition into data science or advance their careers. He also hosts a podcast called Ken's Nearest Neighbors, where he discusses career paths and industry trends with various guests. Follow him on X @KenJee_DS.

Cassie Kozyrkov @decisionleader

Cassie Kozyrkov is the Chief Decision Scientist at Google, where she helps teams apply data science and machine learning to make better decisions. With a background in stats, psychology, and neuroscience, Kozyrkov brings a unique perspective to the application of data science in business contexts. She is a strong advocate for democratising data science and making it more accessible to non-technical audiences. Kozyrkov is known for her engaging and thought-provoking presentations and writing on data science, decision-making, and AI ethics. You can follow her on Twitter @decisionleader for her latest thoughts, puns, and updates.

Learning People @learningpeopleaustralia

At Learning People, one of our main priorities is to keep up to date with the topics that you’re studying. As such, our social platforms are a rich source of information for budding data scientists and developers. We try to post as much extracurricular information as we can, from career advice, to coding trends, to data science trivia. Follow our Instagram @learningpeople, or follow our blog for regular industry updates. 

To stay informed and inspired in the data science field, following industry leaders can be fun and beneficial. From ethics and career advice to technical insights and practical applications, these influencers offer a wealth of knowledge between them.

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