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01 Jul

2022 Student Success Update | Monday July 04

Learning People Student Success update for 04 June 2022 – our regular weekly round up previewing a handful o...

Student Success

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21 Jun

Suzy Bennett | code student testimonial

Suzy Bennett successfully changed her career to front-end developer


Student Testimonials

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17 Jun


Training the Nation | 2022 is officially launched to meet the needs of those who require both financial and career su...


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06 Jun

Everything you need to know for a career in code

Discover the true landscape and real opportunities that coding as a career has to offer in our expert insight coding ...

Career Advice

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27 May

The Importance of Project Management in Cyber Security

The world of project management and cybersecurity are much closer than you might thin...

Project Management

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24 May

2022 cyber security skills shortage

Find out what the real 2022 cyber security skills shortage looks like + the skills and certifications that ar...

Cyber security

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12 May

Dan Roberts | student testimonial

Dan found employment during the pandemic. He has studied and passed the Student Testimonials

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03 May

What are the most important coding languages to learn?

Deciding that you want to switch to a career in tech and become a coder is the easy p...

Career Advice

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03 May

Matteo Imeri | code student testimonial

Matteo Imeri successfully changed his career post pandemic from mechanical engineer t...

Student SuccessStudent Testimonials

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