IT Professional

A career in IT (Information Technology) involves working with various aspects of computer systems and technology to manage, develop, implement, and support information systems in organisations.

How to begin your career In IT

IT roles within the tech industry can be varied, rewarding and lucrative. It can involve anything from working with or maintaining computers to handling storage, networking and processing data. Regardless of what you aspire to pursue, our globally-recognised IT certifications can help get you there. 

IT Professional

What does a career in IT look like?

Starting your career in IT

Pursuing a career in IT can be incredibly fulfilling because it offers diverse opportunities, a constantly evolving field, and the chance to work with cutting-edge technologies. With an increasing demand for skilled professionals, a career in IT can take you anywhere in the world, within a wide range of industries where your skills and expertise are highly valued. 

Depending on your skills and interests, you can specialise in specific areas such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, data science, web development, or IT management. Maintaining your knowledge of the latest technologies will ensure you stay competitive in this rapidly evolving field and reap the rewards of an IT career. 

Is a career in IT right for me?

IT skills

Anyone is able to start a career in IT. It doesn't matter if you are looking for a career change or if you are seeking work right out of school or college, our certifications can help you succeed.


  • Key attributes of an IT Professional include:
    Willingness to learn
    Communication skills
    Able to take instruction
    Organisational skills
    Analytical thinking
    Basic computer skills
    Passion and keen interest in technology

IT Professional responsibilities

  • Key responsibilities of an IT Professional include:
    Install and maintain computer systems
    Troubleshoot technical issues
    Provide support to users
    Managing and securing data and information systems
    Collaborating with cross-functional teams to identify and address IT needs
    Monitoring system performance
    Keeping up to date with new technologies and recommending innovative solutions

How do I become an IT Professional?

Qualifications needed to become an IT Professional

Achieving relevant qualifications will demonstrate your dedication to learning and your expertise in your chosen field. Our industry-recognised certifications will enhance your credibility and demonstrate your expertise in specific IT domains.  

There are a large number of career paths within IT. Learning the fundamentals will provide you with a solid foundation for building your skills and knowledge, allowing you to focus on what you enjoy while building your knowledge. Determine the specialism of IT that interests you and focus on acquiring in-depth knowledge and experience with one of our certifications.  

Recommended Courses in IT Careers

Does a career in IT sound right for you?

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You can earn an average of £34,000 a year

IT Support
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Senior IT Engineer

You can earn an average of £34,000 a year

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