Student support

We’re here for your entire journey.

Unrivalled student support for every learner

We know that everyone learns differently, has varying needs, and will require support in different ways, and our team of friendly professionals is ready to ensure that whatever your concerns may be, we will work with you to alleviate them. 

Whether you are concerned about the course materials, need technical support, or are worried about taking the final exam, our team has the skills and resources to find a solution.

Learning People’s On-Line Student Campus provides end to end student support from the start of the learning journey right through to certification and into job readiness.

Learning Support

You will have access to a  StudentCare consultant who will guide you through the study period, starting with an orientation onto our learning platforms through to the scheduling and booking of your exam, we support you through your learning journey.  You will have access to study guides and live classrooms.


Self-directed Learning 

Our Learning Pathways are built using e-learning content, which has been specifically designed to all our students to study at their own pace, in their own time.  Your learning platform will be a blend of e-learning, video, practice tests and labs.  87% of our students are satisfied with the overall learning experience and 88% feel they can apply the learning to the job role.


Feedback and Guidance 

As a student you will have regular check-ins with your StudentCare consultant to discuss your progress, reflect on how your studies are progressing and work together to agree how to get the best out of your study time. 


Assessment & Exams

We support our students through the life-cycle of their learning and towards the end of the study period you will have access to test papers to establish your readiness to take your exams.  Our StudentCare team are on hand through out the process to support you with the booking of the exams.


Certification & Qualification

Once you have passed your first exam, we invite to you connect with your Career Services consultant who will coach and guide you through a three phased approach from CV preparation, how to successfully build your professional network and support you in your preparation for interviews.

What you will benefit from

We understand how challenging and isolating studying can feel, so we are always on hand to ensure you feel supported throughout your time with us.

Stay on track with regular check-in calls

We'll keep in touch to make sure you have everything you need to keep moving forward. Whether it’s guidance on our learning platforms, tech support, or even just a pep talk to keep going, our check-in calls mean you won’t be left behind.

Book exams with ease

We don’t make exams any more stressful than they need to be. With knowledge of booking platforms, exam policies and rules, and strong relationships with our exam partners, our StudentCare™ team is on hand to make navigating your official exams a breeze.

Revision planning and advice

We want to make your learning experience the best that it can be. We provide revision support backed by educational research, meaning you can optimise your study time, and pass your exams with confidence.

Building relationships

Our team cares about your success. Whether it’s passing an exam, or your second job offer, we celebrate student milestones on a personal level. Enrol with us and you can be our next success story.

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