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How to begin your career In Project Management

Project management is the application of knowledge, skills and techniques to execute projects effectively and efficiently. It is one of the most diverse and interchangeable roles to be in. It’s truly global, with opportunities in every industry, and the demand is growing.  

Becoming a project manager can be rewarding and lucrative. Project managers can secure high salaries, and work in a variety of different industries all across the world. Speak to a career consultant today to learn more about what it takes to be a project manager.  

Project Management

What does a career as a Project Manager look like?

Starting your career in Project Management

A Project Manager's role can be varied and challenging. They’ll oversee all aspects of a project, such as project planning, team management, risk management, budgeting and cost control, stakeholder communication, quality assurance, monitoring and reporting, and change management. 

Organisations will hire Project Managers to devise a strategic plan for projects and their resources. They’ll ensure projects tie into business goals whilst making a profit.

Is a career in Project Management right for me?

Project Manager skills

Determining whether a career in project management is right for you depends on your interests, skills, and goals. 

Project management also comes with challenges, such as managing stakeholder expectations, handling pressure, and balancing multiple responsibilities. Considering these factors, reflect on your skills, interests, and work preferences to determine if a career in project management aligns with your goals and aspirations.


  • Key attributes of a Project Manager include:
    Organisation & Planning skills
    Leadership qualities
    Great communication skills
    Problem-solving abilities
    Collaboration and teamwork
    Flexibility & adaptability

Project Manager responsibilities

  • Key responsibilities of a Project Manager
    Develop and maintain the project schedule and detailed work plans.
    Track progress against the project schedule, identify delays and recommend corrective actions. 
    Estimate project costs and prepare budgets, monitor expenses, and manage contracts. 
    Manage and coordinate project resources.
    Implement risk management strategies and contingency plans. 
    Establish clear project objectives and milestones, and assign tasks and responsibilities. 
    Manage communication with all project stakeholders including team members and clients. 

A project manager is responsible for planning, organising, and overseeing the execution of a project from start to finish. Their role is to ensure that projects are completed within the specified timeframe, budget, and scope while meeting the project objectives. 

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How do I become a Project Manager?

Qualifications needed to become a Project Manager

Gaining certifications enhances credibility and helps start, change, or advance your career. As you progress in your career you’ll be able to learn more project management methodologies, develop key project management skills, and gain more experience. Project management is a dynamic field, so it's important to stay updated on industry trends, new methodologies, and emerging technologies. 

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Does a career in project management sound right for you?

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You can earn an average of £50,170.00 a year

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You can earn an average of £50,170.00 a year

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