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Blockchain latest news and stories

Blockchain Posts

07 Jul

Become a tech leader with (C|BP) for Developers

The Certified Blockchain Professional (C|BP) for Developers is your enabler to become a true tech leader in the futur...


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18 Mar

The industries that are using blockchain to better their business

‘Blockchain’ literally refers to a chain of blocks that contains information. It was created way back in...


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14 Mar

Is Blockchain as secure as people think?

In 2009, Bitcoin started the Blockchain revolution. It gave people a way to quickly and securely transfer money acro...


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12 Mar

How to become a Blockchain developer

It is becoming more and more apparent that we are living in the ‘era of the Blockchain’. It is going to play a massi...


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04 Mar

4 real-world technologies that Blockchain is used for

Created in 1991 by Satoshi Nakamoto, blockchain is a system of complex code that allows for the building of tr...


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02 Jan

The top Blockchain jobs you need to know about

Heard of innovative new cryptocurrency, Bitcoin? Of course you have. And long before its days of whippi...


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21 Dec

How will blockchain affect digital marketing?

Blockchain is a digital ledger whereby information is stored in blocks that...

Digital marketingTechBlockchain

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10 Aug

What is blockchain?

Blockchain is a chain of blocks that contains information. Created in 1991, it was originally intended to timestamp ...


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Blockchain latest news and stories

Learning People have been tech enthusiasts and advocates since our inception for more than a decade. Not only do we pride ourselves on providing the best education and support available globally, we inform and inspire from enrolment to employment – making us the perfect place for blockchain latest news and stories.

In our blockchain news section you’ll be able to find out how blockchain works, how it affects different industries, and that the industry predictions are for growth and spending.

You’ll be able to find out what the actual job prospects look like for a certified blockchain professional, and what businesses use blockchain professionals for. Articles cover off the security of blockchain and if any threats exist – and what they might look like.

You’ll also find links to trusted sources of tech and blockchain technology news – did you know the Harvard Business Review said “Blockchain is not a ‘disruptive’ technology?

Blockchain development

Building bespoke collections and pathways of training in tech is our area of expertise at Learning People. You’ll find out about content and learning plans we’ve curated for students at all levels of their careers covering all tech sectors and disciplines. Our Block Collection pulls from world class content trusted by 71% of FORTUNE 500 companies and helps students build on existing development skills to become job ready within blockchain implementation.

blockchain and cyber security

You’ll be able to read about our relationship with cyber security runs deep and partnerships with world leading awarding bodies have enabled us to provide exclusive blockchain certification content such as the Certified Blockchain Professional from the IIB Council – The world’s first business technology certification body.

Subscribe or bookmark this page for the best blockchain latest news and stories and find the training and answers in IT and project management you’ve been looking for.

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