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Future proof your career in tech

During this time of economic and employment uncertainty, more people are setting goals to secure their financial future by investing in their careers. 

As this trend continues to gather pace alongside a critical tech skills shortage, our mission is to make this journey a little easier by committing ourselves to training the nation in 2022.


Training the Nation | 2022 provides financially accessible training and expert career coaching for people of all ages and from all walks of life to find enhanced careers and job security.


How much do cyber security professionals earn?

With a critical cybersecurity skills shortage, unemployment rates in the industry continue to hover around zero percent. And with demand for talent outstripping supply, there has never been a better time to switch to a new career in cyber. According to one of the leading UK IT job boards, CW jobs, the average salary for Cyber Security jobs is currently £62,500, making it an attractive incentive for many to invest in a new career in tech.

Anyone interested in becoming a cyber security professional can begin their journey by studying for the CompTIA A+ Core, which will help support core technologies such as security, cloud, and data management. When ready, you could then progress onto the CompTIA’s Network+, which will arm you with the knowledge required to design, implement, troubleshoot and maintain both wired and wireless networks.

Finally, you could study for the CompTIA Security+. The world is currently facing a shortage of 3 million cybersecurity professionals, mostly in Asia-Pacific. This means that your study path could not only lead to a six-figure salary but the freedom to work anywhere in the world


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Will I be able to do it?

Our IT collections cater to all levels of experience. So even if you consider yourself to be non-technical, we can assess your ability and start at the appropriate level, leading you on a straight path to internationally recognised certifications that bring your tech career to life. 

In fact, many people already possess the skills and attributes employers are looking for in cyber security professionals. For example, on top of employer wishlists are skills in communication, attention to detail, problem-solving, and a genuine interest in the subject.

The role of a cyber security professional also opens career opportunities worldwide, making it a career choice that offers not only financial reward, but genuine freedom. 

If you are looking for inspiration, meet Learning People student Niall Morton who lost his job during the pandemic and with Learning People guidance and career support has come out the other side with a new career as an IT professional.  


Which IT course should I choose?

A career in cybersecurity can take you on a journey that allows you to specialise in many varied and exciting areas. For example, depending on your area of interest, you could work towards protecting critical infrastructure, applications, networks, the internet of things (IoT), and even cloud security. 

But with so many options, you could find yourself thinking, which course should I choose? But the answer will be different for every person reading this.

If you are brand new to IT, the best starting place would be our cyber security starter collection. From IT fundamentals to career-ready qualifications, this collection of courses contains everything you need to equip you with the right skills to embark on a career as a cyber security professional. The cyber security analyst collection is also hugely popular and successful, but our team of career consultants will walk you through the differences, and options to establish the most appropriate start and end-point.

Existing IT professionals looking to specialise or switch from their current role to cybersecurity may wish to consider honing their current skill-sets and advancing to management level with CISSP, or CISM


How long will it take me to learn?

The length of time needed to kick start your career will depend entirely on your unique goals, objectives, and how many hours you can invest in studying each week. 

However, all Learning People online certification packages can be completed at your own pace, allowing you to learn at a time that works for you and your families time constraints and commitments.

For example, many IT courses have an average study time of 40 – 80 hours to complete, which can be worked at and completed around your schedule + we provide students with a minimum enrolment of 12 months to ensure more than enough bandwidth to achieve their goals.

If you are serious about future-proofing your career in tech or securing an entry-level role in cybersecurity, Learning People can help. 

However, regardless of your employment history, your technical ability, or your academic education, you are likely to already have the soft skills and interest in the subject that employers desperately need.


Learning the technical skills is simply the last piece of the puzzle.




How do I find out more?

Contact us now and speak with one of our IT career consultants. They’ll explore your unique situation, discuss your options, and together, we’ll map out your path to a successful, well-paid, and secure career in cybersecurity.