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It's never too late to learn something new

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Wrong. We’re calling out that old wives’ tale – and we’re here to tell you why.

If you’re hating your job, craving change but feel too old or too out of touch to ‘get there’, we’re giving you the reasons why it’s never too late to learn something new. 



It’s really bad for you

Giving up on learning is bad for your grey matter. Mental stimulation is one of the key practises that keeps your brain young and active – fighting off degenerative diseases and improving your memory. When we do the same things over and over again – or read the same information over and over again – our brains aren’t being challenged.

Getting lost and falling behind in your career, or the world in general, can also have a massively negative effect on your mental health. As we age, it’s hard to feel up to date with everything around us – this can lead to feelings of isolation and depression.

The benefits of lifelong learning are varied too, according to a Pew survey. Nearly 90% of those surveyed said their learning activities “helped them feel more capable and well rounded.” About 70% said learning “opened up new perspectives about their lives.” And 64% said their learning “helped them make new friends”. By enrolling in a course or taking a class, you’ll have to flex your brain like a muscle. Show yourself and everyone else what your brain can still do… whilst making new connections. Don’t fancy walking into a classroom? No worries. Move with the times and take your learning online.

Your job will get boring

If you don’t learn new skills and you simply repeat the same behaviours and actions day after day, you’re not challenging new areas of your brain. Therefore, those areas will not grow. Your job will become boring, stagnant and you’ll feel like it might be time to move on. Perhaps it is. Learning a new skill might be just the ticket when it comes to unleashing your dream career.

Either way, whether you want to supercharge your current career or branch out into something new, learning a new skill or gaining a new qualification is never going to damage your career.


Personal growth is the best kind of growth

Our self-worth is often attached to how successful we feel. We want to constantly feel like we are winning. Success and ‘winning’ are not material – you can’t buy them, own them or pick them up at a store. Success is a feeling that you can cultivate through personal growth – by being the best version of you.

A study by the Office for National Statistics found that adults with higher levels of qualifications are more likely to report having medium or high satisfaction with their lives overall and also to report finding the things they do in their lives to be more worthwhile.

So, studying actually makes us more satisfied with our lives. In an age of mindless consumerism and the rebirth of minimalism, could you do with a boost of satisfaction?

You’ve decided that, no, it’s not too late to learn something new. Where next? With so many courses to choose from, qualifications to gain and schools to enrol in – it can get pretty confusing.

To help you cut through all that, we’ve put together a team of career consultants. Our free, impartial calls are designed to help you focus your direction and how you’re going to ‘get there’. Of course, we provide brilliant courses, but our philosophy is based on helping people find their dream jobs and personal satisfaction. Get in touch today.