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IT courses

Keep up with the innovation of the tech industry with our online IT training

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Our up to date IT courses offer everything from the basics to the advanced. They are perfect for those who love continuous learning and who are looking to stay relevant in the job market.

Student, Jonathan turned his passion for tech into a career by gaining some leading certifications. Discover more about his journey and his advice for future students.

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Google’s professional training is widely respected across the world. They are regarded as a powerful and valuable tool to validate your skills using Google cloud systems. Anyone looking for a career as a Google Cloud professional will need the training as a standard.

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Code Institute

Learn all the skills needed to become a pro coder

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Amazon - AWS

Amazon Web Services provide cloud computing certifications for in-demand job roles.

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Take the next step in your IT career with a Microsoft certification training course

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SAS Institute

The SAS Institute offer a suite of analytics and reporting software to aid business decision making

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Red Hat

You can get certified in Red Hat technology to demonstrate your skills and knowledge to potential employers.

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Juniper Networks

The Juniper Networks Certification Program – JNCP – is on a mission to validate the Juniper skill set among leading networking professionals across the globe

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Being an Oracle Certified Professional can raise your visibility and increase your access to the industry’s most rewarding opportunities

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An internationally operating software testing qualification certification organisation

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Cloud computing is at the heart of the modern Internet and EMC is a global leader

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The global leaders in project management training

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IT collections

Take the next step and start one of our collections today

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IT academy

Up to 24 months unlimited access to a wealth of IT and project management courses

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There are an estimated 100,000 plus jobs waiting to be filled in the tech sector, and almost half a million more to come in the next few years

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