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The importance of keeping your skills up to date

The current working arena is one full of bright eyes and competition, and to keep up; you need to be on your absolute A-game.

While these days, we may have traded in our pencils for touchscreens and papers for PC’s, the end goal remains the same – the importance of keeping both your knowledge and skills up to date is crucial to achieving workplace success. No matter what’s going on in the outside world, there’s no reason to stop your own personal learning and progress. Then come what may, you can place yourself in the best possible position.

Learning People | Woman professional on laptop

In a world of current uncertainty with a job market following the same suit, there couldn’t be a better time to review your current experience and look at gaining some new career skills. Improving your skillset may include grabbing the opportunity to upskill in your current area or to consider a complete career overhaul.

From software development to project management or the innovative world of cyber security, no matter your area of expertise or opportunity, why not make this the time to challenge yourself and keep your CV looking fresh?

Want to learn more? Let us take you through the importance of keeping your professional skills up to date.

Why is now the ideal time to learn a new skill or update your current skill-set?

It’s always a good time to dust off your existing skill-set and branch out into avenues new. In fact, stats show that up to 1.4 million workers will need reskilling by 2026. So why not be one of the ones to get ahead of the game? The importance of Continuing Professional Development – CPD – should never be left behind. It’s critical when trying to keep up with the curve.

Throw in the year of 2020, where times of uncertainty have hit hard, and rapid change is required to keep up with such an evolving landscape. Not to mention the fact that the current employment arena is proving challenging to find qualified workers, the importance of upskilling and career development is even more prevalent.

Of course, various companies offer up training and classes, and these can be crucial to maintaining current knowledge of the job and evolving practices. They can also help you climb the internal ranks, but what about when you want to find a progression route elsewhere? Or switch up your working world entirely? This is where an online certification puts you ahead of the pack.

How can a certification help your employability?

The benefits of online training and certifications know no bounds. While it’s every bit as important to your employer to keep you well-oiled and up to date with their policies, don’t just leave your upskilling needs for them to provide. To do so means to wait, and that’s not what you’re about.

Progression comes to those who are proactive. Here are some other ways in which taking those self-skilled reigns can help to improve your employability:

  • The opportunity for a big promotion
  • To begin a new career in a new organisation
  • Climbing the ranks more quickly
  • Securing a higher salary
  • Ensuring a beneficial contribution to your team
  • Developing a missing skill-set
  • Gaining practical experience
  • Landing your dream career

Obtaining a certification ensures you have in-demand skills alongside showing a sense of commitment, professionalism and motivation to a current or potential new employer. Taking part in an online course is the ideal way to expand your current capabilities or to kickstart a whole new role.

How do you get ahead of the game?

The first step for upskilling or focusing on career development is to take a look at the various adverts that are floating about in the field you’re interested in. Wanting a big opportunity and seeking to take that next step into Project Management? See just what skills and knowledge those employers are wanting in that area and voila – find a course to match those needs.

Are you hoping for a higher salary? Take some time to look at your current employability and how you can enhance it. The bottom line is to seriously think about what you need to get out of an online course and what training will benefit you and your current or future employer. It’s time to get brutally honest with yourself, be willing to embrace some creative thinking and grab the next learning opportunity with both eagerly excitable hands.

You know what they say, out of challenging times, comes great opportunity. Now is the time for productivity. Believe it or not, this is the time for career development. Whether you’ve been in your current role for a while or have spent the last year or two perfecting those crucial career skills, ready to jump into the unknown, act now! There has never been a better time to jump at a new career opportunity, get upskilling and enhance your employability.

Get in touch with us today to see how you can make the most out of your career with our expert range of courses. We’re here to help you upskill and work on that oh so important career development. We’ve got you; now it’s time for you to get yourself that dream goal.

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