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Transition into tech: career change programme

Explore how you can access the support you need to secure your future…

With a mission to demystify the tech industry, Learning People are on hand to offer expert career advice to those looking to change careers. Whether you have been made redundant, furloughed or facing career uncertainty we will provide you with a complimentary career consultation. 

This informal chat will help you to understand:

  • Where the job opportunities currently are
  • What skills and training you need, based on your experience 
  • What support we offer to help you change careers

Once you’ve got your detailed career plan, you’ll be ready to start your online training. With Transition into tech you will receive up to 25% off your tuition fees and immediate access to our careers support services, to help you navigate the job market.




Traditional industries struggle to adapt

The pandemic has caused an augmented tech evolution, with many organisations forced to digitise far quicker than previously intended. It’s no secret that the industries unable to adapt to the change are struggling to persevere.


Over the past two years, 1 in 50 British shops has closed permanently. This shows the shift from high street retail stores to online shopping, exacerbated by the pandemic. After having to rely so heavily on the internet for shopping throughout lockdown, customers know they no longer need to go in store to make a purchase and are choosing the more accessible option.

The failure of industry leaders Debenhams and Arcadia has further proven the instability of high street retailers. With 25,000 people likely to lose their jobs from just these 2 organisations, retail workers are being encouraged to consider a more sustainable career choice.


With some venues being forced into over 15 months of closure, the hospitality industry is facing financial struggles like never before. There is a long road ahead of recovery for many organisations in this industry and its workers. 

Government analysis predicts that 2/3 of hospitality businesses will run out of cash before May. With such uncertainty, hospitality employees should look to apply their valuable transferable skills within a thriving industry, like tech.


Around 11,000 people lost their jobs following the collapse of travel company Thomas Cook. More worryingly so, this was before global lockdown restrictions were in place and when the company was fully operational. Data shows that Thomas Cook had recorded a loss of $1.5 billion in August 2019, following a poor merger deal.

Following this, the pandemic and Brexit regulations have caused further pressure on travel organisations. It’s difficult to predict the future of the industry. It’s no surprise workers are updating their skillset to find a new job more suitable in the current climate.

Find job security in tech

Data continues to prove that tech has remained one of the most resilient industries to the impact of the pandemic, creating job opportunities at every experience level. 

The Office of National Statistics has released that roles in tech reached an astonishing 1.58 million in the final quarter of 2020, that’s the highest it’s ever been. By expanding your skill set towards a tech career pathway you’re immediately on the right track to find job security in the current climate.

Salaries within tech have also remained impressive throughout lockdown; 54% of tech workers have seen salaries remain the same while 28% have seen an increase over the last 12 months. 

Hear from some recent Learning People career changers

It’s easy to take yourself out of the race before you’ve even started by convincing yourself it’s impossible. The reality is, you can change careers at any age and with any level of experience.

Thanks to the advancements in online training you can gain all the skills you need in a way that suits you. That’s exactly what these students took advantage of and they are already reaping the benefits…

Jake Fernihough | From retail to tech professional

Coding student Jake began his online training with us after working in retail for 10 years. Despite the pandemic, he has already landed his first role on his new career pathway in a thriving industry.

“I decided on Learning People after quite a few weeks of research, I felt like they had the best experience for the price and the best support system.”

Kyle Graver | From travel to technical analyst

Cyber security student Kyle secured his dream role at industry giants, CGI during the pandemic. His previous experience was in the travel industry.

“My role has changed since I took on the course. I was a holiday park warden when I started, temporarily off work because of the season. Now I’m a Service Desk Technical Analyst and I am far happier with my job. I’m really enjoying it”

Anthony Lloyd | From construction to project management

Project management student Anthony wanted to get off the tools and landed his first role in project management before even completing his training.

“My advice for people would be go for it. It will open so many more doors and your knowledge will increase dramatically, helping you to succeed in your goals.”

Chris Totton | From leisure industry manager to tech support

IT student Chris had spent 8 years working in the leisure industry before deciding to look for a fresh challenge. 

“The biggest impact this has had on me I would say is starting a new career that I’ve never done before… To finally put the things that I’ve learnt into practice, makes it really exciting and really thrilling.

Being in IT it’s always constantly changing, I’m looking forward to the future of continuous learning and updating my knowledge on IT.”

It just goes to show that no matter your previous experience, with the right training and the right student support you can achieve your career goals.

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