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Career Services and Resources

Career Services

Career Services and Resources

Career Services are the beating heart of Learning People, and we’re super proud of how this support function helps all of our students. Regardless of a student’s background, skill level, learning plan or career aspirations, Career Services provide holistic career coaching, interview training, research and application guidance, regular workshops, and act as the link between education and employment.

Our Career Services and resources articles will not just give the reader an overview and insight of what to expect from the career support and placement function – but will also allow readers to gain a depth of understanding regarding trending industry topics for tech and project management, plus the future demands of tech and business.

Articles such as how to start a career in tech feature industry experts from the Learning People industry advisory board (IAB), deliver the low-down on which companies are competing for tech talent, what employers are looking for in candidates and how to overcome the dreaded – ‘do you have experience’ question.

We focus on the all important up to date employment challenges like getting hired during the pandemic and utilising associated down time effectively to advance in your studies. These also provide insight to the specific certification pathways required for in demand job roles.

Career Services Articles

WIthin our Career Services blog category you’ll find full information on exclusive Learning People promotions, be able to find out when our live career workshops take place, discover practical industry tips and insight on how you can find career success in IT, code, project management. You’ll also be able to hear about our student successes with interviews, case studies and real life study techniques for smarter time management.

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