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Learn to code

Latest Code News and Events

24 Feb

Cyber security in software development

Learn why cyber security in software development is critical – the skill-sets and associated languages you&#...


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18 Nov

Learning People launch Full Stack Pro Collection

Learning People’s world leading exclusive education has just got better – with the launch of our Full Stack Pr...


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28 Oct

Get into coding with the 5 day coding challenge

Thinking about learning to code but don’t know where to start? Take the 5...


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25 Oct

Learning People launch exclusive Java novice to Javanista education

Developed by Sun Microsystems Inc, Java was first released in 1995 – and by the la...


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20 Aug

Student testimonial: from restaurant manager to Full Stack Developer

After 12 years as a restaurant manager, Marina decided to change careers when the catering industry was hit by the C...

Student TestimonialsCodeFull Stack Developer

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19 Apr

Introducing Code+: From Novice to Pro. The Ultimate Web Developer Package

Learning People Launch Code+: The Ultimate Web Developer Careers package


ITProject ManagementCodeSoft skills

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22 Jan

How to start your coding career without work experience

Learn how to start your coding career from real-life software developer and Learning People COO, Darren Fors...

Career AdviceCode

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01 Dec

An FAQ for coding online training

We’ve put together the most common questions our coding  career consultants get ...

Career AdviceCode

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Learn to code

Our relationship with the digital language of code runs deep and spans more than a decade. And during this time, we’ve helped thousands of people from all walks of life learn to code, and find their future proof and truly meaningful career.

Not only do we provide the widest range of tools for learning to code, we also provide unrivalled support from our award winning StudentCare™, 1-2-1 mentoring from code industry experts, plus career coaching from our in-house Career Services team. So, learning to code with Learning People is not just hard tech skills, but more of a guided and supported career plan, drawing from our years of experience from empowering students from enrolment to employment.

How difficult is coding to learn?   

There’s no simple answer to this question, which is why we continue to publish insight into the world of coding careers, education, and the sector itself. From features covering our Learning People exclusive full stack developer coding collection, to testing your ability with a coding challenge, how to start a career in code without experience, the most popular languages and perhaps most importantly, how different personality types are suited to a career in code.

From our experience, anyone can learn to code and our student success is testament to that fact. Maybe you have an idea for the next immersive online app, or dream of building beautiful websites, you might want to help people work smarter with software support, or just be part of a global community building the next wave of a virtual digital future.

Coding careers

This is what we specialise in and have done since our inception. Making code your career relies on several factors, such as your interest in the subject matter, your personality, the type of work you actually want to do for the majority of the week + the salary you want and need for you and your family.

This all starts with information gathering and insight, but success is only possible with expert support. In addition to industry leading code education our careers team work with you from the outset of your enrolment, with full support for tailoring your CV, to LinkedIn optimisation and then onto applications and interview preparation. All of which you’ll find detailed and documented on the code blog.

So, if you’re looking to learn to code or for the easiest code to learn first, or even are just curious about coding careers, bookmark this page, or subscribe to the Learning People blog for up to date and expert advice.

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