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Code: the future of digital

Step aside 2+2, stand back Biff and Chip. It’s all href and p tags now as coding turns king.

Read what’s new with coding in schools and why you shouldn’t leave it up to them to be the coding gurus of the decade…

Have you heard?

Now with a well earned spot on the schools’ National Curriculum and a helping hand from one of Britain’s best known banks, kids of today will have the golden opportunity to become masters of all things digital.

Children from the age of five will begin to be able to understand the inner workings of a video game, an app and even a phone and you may be surprised to hear they’re actually enjoying it. Perhaps they’ve heard that if they learn how to code now they could earn over £45,000 in later life and have a really great career in tech. Why wouldn’t they be keen?

Recent studies showed that coding has quickly become the favourite subject of around a quarter of children in schools. I doubt Maths would even get a look in on those figures, but maybe we’re biased.

And it’s not just because coding as a discipline is fun… Of course, we would say that. But what makes it engaging for the kids are the tools used to teach it. 

Coding, code playground, child

Say goodbye to text books and hello to Scratch

Essentially a video game, Scratch teaches the little people of ‘Gen Z’ how to create their own interactive stories, games and animations.

I know right, we’re jealous too.

And it’s not just schools that’ll be helping educate the next generation of workers on the ins and outs of computer science. Barclays bank is firmly on the case with their super duper, future proofing Code Playground website.

What is Barclays Code Playground?

The concept is simple. To provide children with a fun way of learning the basics in code.

Using Scratch as its backbone technology, Barclays Code Playground is a colourful and stimulating website, where users can see interactively how a small change to the code can alter certain aspects of animations. For example, click on an object and change its colour, give it instructions on how to move or tell it what to say – ever wonder what a moonwalking dinosaur looks like?


Why should we care about what the kids are doing?

Well, not only is it a great step forward for kids and their education but for the future of the economy – it’s no secret that the digital realm has taken over pretty much everything in the last few years.

MPs have recently warned us how 12.6 million adults in the UK are lacking in basic digital skills. “It is essential for the UK to have the IT professionals it needs to build a robust digital economy”, says Science and Technology Committee Chair, Nicola Blackwood MP, “We need to make sure tomorrow’s workforce is leaving school or university with the digital skills that employers need.”

We can run but we can’t hide – digital is the Usain Bolt of the modern world and we need more tech savvy coders in our workforce.

Why should we wait for the kids to grow up, you can help to close the digital skills gap today.

How can you start a lucrative career in coding?

Get ahead of the curve by learning how to code. We offer a full stack web developer course that will give you the tools to become a job ready web developer as quickly as 12 weeks.

Complete an enquiry form and one of our expert career consultants will be in touch to discuss your career in coding. Or you can call us on 01273 907 919.