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Learning People launch exclusive Java novice to Javanista education

Developed by Sun Microsystems Inc, Java was first released in 1995 – and by the late nineties due to its ability to provide interactivity had brought multimedia to the Internet. Fast forward to now – and Java is run by 97% of enterprise desktops and 3 billion mobile phones. 

Learning People now exclusively provide the Java novice to Javanista as part of our coding curriculum. 

What does Java novice to Javanista teach you?

Java novice to Javanista is designed for those who already have some programming knowledge and are familiar with object oriented programming and database concepts – however, these 3 tracks of industry curated education will start you with the fundamentals of Java.

Java novice

A focus on Java fundamentals, control structures, modeling entities, mapping relationships, and interactive Java & JShell.

Java apprentice

Focuses on handling errors, arrays and the Java collection framework, nested classes and lambda expressions, reflection for runtime inspections, and building Jar files. 


Specialises on object serialization and JSON parsing, HTTP requests, connecting to and querying databases with JDBC, building web applications with JSP, and building web services.


What does the Java novice to Javanista curriculum include?

The Java novice to Javanista curriculum is delivered on the Percipio digital education platform – the 3 tracks of education are split down into 1 hour (approx) modules – and each module concludes with a multiple choice test to ensure you understand the content fully as your learning progresses. 

Each track also includes a live practice lab where you’ll be presented with a series of exercises to practice developing in Java.

Additionally, there are two sandbox environments where you can safely hone your live programming and app development skills, with no need to install or configure – everything is unbreakable and ready to go.

Supplementary courses cover business leadership and productivity tools for Java, and there’s a ‘bookshelf’ with thirteen publications that range from simplified Java, all the way up to modern Java in action, data structures, and Reactive Relational Database Connectivity for Java to name but a few.


How long does Java novice to Javanista take to complete?

The full three tracks including their associated lab environments take 94 hours to complete – but your enrolment with us will last for 12 months.


What are the benefits of learning Java?

Java is the most commonly used development platform in the world – recognised for providing fast high-performance secure applications for the widest range of computing platforms possible. 

Professional Java developers can work in a huge variety of sectors and can progress to senior technical roles such as technical architect or principal architect.  

Earning potential:
The average Java developer salary is £72,364. This is 111.2% above the national average advertised salary of £34,261.*

*Source: Adzuna
Correct as of 16/09/21


How can I find out more about Java novice to Javanista?

Get in touch for a career consultation where we can explore your background, existing skill sets, and transferable skills to pinpoint the correct digital education and support for your most effective career outcome.