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Corporate Career News


18 Mar

The industries that are using blockchain to better their business

‘Blockchain’ literally refers to a chain of blocks that contains information. It was created way back in...


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02 Oct

CEH revealed as one of the best certifications for the IT industry

Have you heard the news? Not only can you pick up a first-rate InfoSec ...

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25 Sep

The true value of taking risks

You’ve heard that phrase “There are two types of people in this world –...

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20 Sep

Student testimonial: Be confident, you can do it

It’s always a great day when we hear a student has aced their course with the help of our amazing career consu...

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17 Sep

Creative ways to get your dream role

You’ve spotted it. The job advert to beat them all. The one you’ve been waiting for. Sifting through emails upon ema...

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13 Sep

How much money do you need to be happy?

We all want to have a lot of money.

Everywhere you look there are adverts and celebrity culture promoting t...

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12 Sep

Reasons why hating your job is bad for you

The reality of being stuck in a job you hate is pretty

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Corporate Career News

At Learning People our north star is helping students achieve success. And a big part of this tends to be helping them to land their dream role at their dream company. With 93% employability success we’ve seen graduates go on to work for companies such as, Shell, HSBC, Amazon, and Sainsburys to name but a few.

However, the corporate career news section of our blog also covers off technologies making a difference in the corporate world, it explains the global relevance of security certifications, why they’re trusted and by who, and provides insight to Learning People directly covering our global expansion, and our feature on Sky News.

Corporate technology training

If you’re looking for guidance with upskilling your team, you’ll be able to find out what developments there are in corporate tech and project management training. With articles charting our B2B specific products, support and portfolio – you can easily find a breakdown of solutions to match most business sizes.

We also deep dive into the technology that sits behind our industry aligned tech education, which is trusted by 70% of FORTUNE 500 Companies and explain how the pathways can train from novice to pro and cater for pretty much everything in between. So, not only will you be able to learn about the learning management system tech, but the truly bespoke and almost endless pathways of training that are available – which are exclusive to Learning People students and our corporate partners.

Corporate Custom Success

The jewel in our corporate crown is our customer success team. Our corporate customer success executives manage employee enrolment from start to finish, ensuring you maximize your investment. They proactively monitor employee engagement and progress – and track learning milestones, goals and examinations in line with the business requirements.

Subscribe or bookmark this page for Learning People’s latest corporate career news and find the training solutions and career answers in tech training you’ve been looking for.

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