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Can you work from home in cyber security?

If remote working is something you’re looking for, it’s a good time to explore a career in cyber security.

The cyber security industry is thriving. In a world forced into accelerated digital transformation, cyber attacks are more prevalent than ever. This has created a demand for professionals with the right skills in preventing these attacks. In fact, there are currently thousands of cyber security vacancies across leading job boards, with more being added every day.

As the pandemic continues, the global workforce has largely shifted to working remotely, but is this an option for cyber security professionals? The answer is yes!

Learning People | Cyber security professional working from home at desk

Training in cyber security now not only offers you job security, global opportunities but now also the option to work from home. This industry has successfully embraced new ideologies and opened itself up to remote working for a number of reasons…

The resources are available

Thanks to advancements in the right hardware and software, cyber security experts now have the capability to work from home. The necessary security software is available and networks can be accessed in remote locations.

As with any role working with important or private data, precautions need to be taken to ensure if remains secure. As people move to working remotely they are more likely to be using a personal WiFi connection or devices, which don’t typically have the same protection as a corporate network. However, cyber security professionals are already experts in this area so should have the skills to keep themselves secure.

Supply and demand

Having such an immense demand means there are more opportunities than ever before. The power is very much with the cyber security professional to pick where they want to work and more importantly how they want to work. 

If you’re looking to work from home, having the skills employers are looking for is the perfect leverage. Employers are more inclined to cater to your needs, and if working remotely is your preference, there’s a high chance you will be able to find a company that will allow this.

Global reach

Employers need help and they need it now. By offering a role that can be done remotely, companies are opening up their recruitment preferences to a wider area, not just within commuting distance. 

This has been notably picked up by industry giants such as Google and Microsoft through bug bounty schemes. These are sites that allow cyber security professionals, from all over the world, to report security threats to organisations.

Find out more about bug bounty sites

In turn, this is great for cyber security experts as it means they can apply for jobs way beyond where they live. 

How do you land the remote working opportunities?

Now that you know why the opportunities exist, you need to make sure your skills toolbelt fit the requirements. How are you going to show to employers that you are the cyber security expert that they need?

Get informed

Speaking to someone with experience in the industry is going to help you get informed. They’ll be able to advise you on the best training to get you started.

You can speak to one of our cyber security careers experts to gain some trustworthy advice. You’ll be able to discuss your current skills and experience and be able to map out a plan to reach your goals.

Get certified

A certification documents that you have the necessary technical skills to succeed in your role. It’s the beacon on your CV that hiring managers will be looking for.

The cyber security industry has a number of globally recognised training. They’ll be able to take you from an absolute beginner, with no prior cyber security knowledge, to industry expert.

Boost your employability

Once you’ve got your technical skills up to scratch you’re ready to enter the job market. Being able to showcase your certifications and passion for cyber security is going to put you at the top of the demand. That’s why we offer a bespoke Career Services alongside all our online training.

You’ll need a stand out CV and LinkedIn profile to bring in the opportunities. Practice techniques for interviews and you’ll have first pick at the best job vacancies.

Flexible working in cyber security is just around the corner

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