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Chatting all things EC-Council with Country Manager, Philip Blake

EC-Council has certified over 200,000 security professionals and created the world famous Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) amongst other renowned courses.

Much like Learning People, EC-Council is dedicated to fighting the cyber security skills gap that’s making headlines globally, and our exclusive partnership is founded on a desire to fill this deficit.

 Our exclusive partnership with EC-Council means that we’re now the singular reseller of their cyber security and ethical hacking courses, some of which have been accredited by top British intelligence agency, GCHQ. 

We sat down with Philip Blake, EC-Council Country Manager, to chat all about the partnership and the courses.

What is the goal of the EC-Council/ Learning People partnership?

We’re looking to address the cyber security skills gap. Cyber security is one of the fastest growing industries, however, there is a huge deficit of talent. No matter where you’re coming from, whether it’s a senior level right down to entry level, cyber security needs humans in order to be able to fulfil the skills gap. Currently, there is a global shortfall coming to a staggering 1.8m, with Europe alone expecting a shortage of 350,000 cyber security professionals by 2022 – this is what we’re trying to combat.

Tell us about the courses Learning People provide

Learning People are providing our full suite of e-learning courses. These range from our very basic level end user product – Certified Secure Computer User, CSCU – to our top cyber leadership course – Certified Chief Information Security Officer, CCISO. Through the Learning People we hope to help educate the next generation of cyber professionals whether they be Ethical Hackers, Penetration Testers, Forensics Investigators or any other role within the cyber security community.

Why is EC-Council different?

 EC-Council develops its courses by collaborating with our global network of cyber security professionals and gathering feedback on the latest trends, happenings and adoptions within the industry. A number of our contributors come from Fortune 500 companies, Governments or evangelist groups who have vested interests in improving the cybersecurity workforce. With such a vast and diverse array of contributors, our courses have garnered global recognition and accreditation including from bodies such as the Department of Defense, GCHQ, and the French Police force.


Why did you choose to partner with Learning People?

A key part of the reason that we partnered with Learning People was that we loved their approach to StudentCare. They are a one stop shop for cyber security training, offering the whole package. Their Career Consultants guide you through the process and provide that much needed support throughout the journey to ensure that you maintain focus.

Moreover, our partnership with Learning People enables us to reach a far greater number of professionals across the UK and Ireland than ever before. The e-learning market is expected to be worth an estimated $65bn by 2023 and is fuelled by employers and students alike looking for more flexible training options. Through their extensive network, Learning People are delivering the flexibility of EC-Council’s e-Learning solutions directly to students and employers to help them fill the gap in cyber security knowledge and skills that the UK and Ireland are facing.

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Are you thinking of embarking on a career in cyber security? Perhaps you want to learn more about the amazing opportunities out there? For the latest cyber security news and insights, head over to our blog to read up. Alternatively, get in touch for a full career consultation to assess your options and start your journey to your dream cyber security role today.