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Data Science Articles and News

Data Science

Data Science Articles and News

Learning People’s data science articles and news blogs are designed to provide readers with true industry insight to data science in use, the certifications available, and the trending topics surrounding the discipline. Our tech sector educational experience ensures that everything you read is verified by experts and everything you learn as a result is helpful.

You can find out about the careers that can be found and fulfilled in data science too, by visiting our associated data science careers page – and get the low down on the different options in being a data science professional + salary stats and the required prerequisites.

Data science courses

Our data science articles also provide up to the minute insight to the breaking training content and courses exclusively available to Learning People students. In these articles we explore the different disciplines and clearly road map the pathways for progression in data science. For example, you’ll be able to find out how to transition from being a business analyst to then a data analyst – you can then find out what it takes to transition further from data analyst to a data scientist.

Data science coding courses

We also take a deeper dive into the coding languages that mean the most in data science and the associated courses and pathways available. In these articles you can learn about Python, R, SQL, and Java – how difficult they are to master and in which order you should actually learn them. Also documented are the virtual labs that you’ll need to practice any coding languages you’re learning and what exercises you’ll encounter and conquer as part of your learning journey.

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