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Digital Marketing Blog Posts

Digital Marketing Posts

01 Aug

Can people with dementia benefit from virtual reality?

Virtual reality is changing the world as we know it and, in many ways, for the greater good. Recent developments in ...

Digital marketingNews

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31 Jul

Virtual reality isn't just for games

When we think of virtual reality (VR) our minds might immediately go to gaming, it is after all off...

Digital marketing

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31 Jan

7 ways a strategy and planning certification makes you a better leader

If you’re managing the digital marketing for your organisation, establishing yourself as an accre...

Digital marketing

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21 Dec

How will blockchain affect digital marketing?

Blockchain is a digital ledger whereby information is stored in blocks that...

Digital marketingTechBlockchain

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15 Nov

7 reasons why now is the perfect time for a career in digital marketing

More than half of UK workers aren’t sure if they’re in the right career. Yup, that’s right. So if you’re considering...

Digital marketingCareer Advice

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17 Sep

8 ways that doing a digital marketing course could accelerate your career

It’s no secret that one, digital marketing is the marketing of the future and two, that continuous training is...

Digital marketingCareer Advice

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10 Sep

Digital nomads: how to live the freelance dream

The saying goes that life’s a journey, but sometimes that’s hard to bel...

Digital marketingTechCorporateCareer Advice

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24 Aug

A guide to digital marketing analytics

The word ‘data’ strikes fear into the heart of most digital marketers, amir...

Digital marketing

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Digital Marketing News

Digital marketing news from Learning People will ensure you’re kept fully up to date with the trends, topics, and disruptions from anything that shakes the tree in our ever increasing digital world. We’ve been helping people get ahead of the curve and on point with digital comms for many years and our news articles will help you focus on all relevant areas of expertise.

You’ll find 7 ways to succeed at SEO, with deep insight from the founder and former CEO of inbound marketing site – Moz, Rand Fishkin. In this interview we cover off the power of organic click through over ppc, and how optimising your life will allow optimising seo to come naturally.

How to pursue a career in digital marketing

This is something we know well at Learning People, so if you’re wondering how to pursue a career in digital marketing our articles help you understand the landscape well in advance of making the jump.

We’ve been helping people pursue and achieve their dream careers in digital marketing for more than a decade. Articles such as 10 tips for aspiring digital marketers will take you through the considerations and industry specifics of digital marketing as a career.

PPC 101 will give how-to practical guidance on setting up your first PPC campaign. We also give the lowdown on how to reach different career levels of digital marketing with roles, salaries and responsibilities listed.

why choose digital marketing as a career

With demand for digital marketers continuing to grow, the options for the work you can undertake are becoming increasingly diverse with each and every year that goes by. Analytics, social, content, e-commerce, copywriting, and SEO can all be performed and delivered remotely and are not restricted to any single sector.

This is then supported by articles helping you to confirm which digital marketing course is right for you, which looks at the industry standards and expectations, the best route for newbies + acceleration advice for digital marketers with experience.

Subscribe or bookmark this page for Learning People’s latest digital marketing news and find the training and answers tech training and career support you’ve been looking for.

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