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8 ways that doing a digital marketing course could accelerate your career

It’s no secret that one, digital marketing is the marketing of the future and two, that continuous training is beneficial for your work output. But just how much can a digital marketing course influence your future?

Well, dig deep guys, because we’re going to drop 8 ways that a digital marketing course could skyrocket your career and send your potential into the stratosphere.

Take advantage of the digital skills gap

Reports suggest that in coming years, there’ll be a further 150,000 digital jobs available. Yup, that’s a big skills gap that you could be cashing in on. Predicting the decline in ‘in-demand’ professionals puts you, you guessed it…. in demand.


Choices, choices, choices

Digital marketing has an excellent trick up its sleeve… it’s transferrable. The skills you acquire on a digital marketing course could set you up in any industry. Maybe you’re working in a job role you love, but an industry you hate? Superset your skills-set and branch out into an area you’ve always dreamed of working in.

Get flexible

One of the big draws to a career in digital marketing is that a hugely flexible role. Many companies are relaxed about your working hours, working from home and working remotely – because digital marketing can literally be done anywhere! Plus, your learning is online too.

Office, coffee shop or beach?

So flexible and in-demand are digital marketers, that you could work anywhere in the world. If you’ve been fantasising about sunnier climes or a spot of ex-pat living, now’s the time to get qualified.


Get out of the ‘requires experience’ spiral

The Digital Marketing Institute are some smart cookies. They specialise in digital marketing and have done since the beginning. Because of this, they know that not everyone has experience in digital marketing – simply, it just hasn’t been around that long. The Digital Marketing Institute has courses for all experience levels.

Stay up to date

Last year Google made over 10 major changes to its algorithms and Facebook undertook 11 overhauls to its news feed, affecting the way marketers use the platform to engage with its 1.7 billion users. Did you know that? No? Well, you would if you’d done a digital marketing course. What’s more, you’d know how to navigate through the ever-changing algorithms like a boss.

It’s who you know

On your course, you’ll run into a bunch of other savvy, like-minded students. We all know that connections make the business world tick – so start building up your own black-book of great peers. Not only can you bounce ideas off each other, but they might be your ‘in’ into your next big role.


A head above the rest

Many marketing individuals learn about digital within their role. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with relying on hands-on experience, it speaks volumes about an individual if they’ve decided to embark on their own study and qualifications. By illustrating your commitment, you’ve already got a leg up in the industry against your fellows.

So, there you have it. If you were sitting on the fence before, we hope we’ve got you hopping right over. We love working with The Digital Marketing Institute, and we equally love our students. If you want to know what they could do for you and your career, have a chat with our career consultants today.