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Career choices in information technology


17 Nov

Learning People win EC-Council ATC Circle of Excellence Award

We’re thrilled to announce that the “2021 EC-Council ATC Circle of Excellence Award” has been awar...

ITNewsCyber security

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19 Apr

Introducing Code+: From Novice to Pro. The Ultimate Web Developer Package

Learning People Launch Code+: The Ultimate Web Developer Careers package


ITProject ManagementCodeSoft skills

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30 Nov

An FAQ for IT online training

We’ve put together the most common questions our IT and cyber security career consult...

ITCyber securityCareer Advice

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21 Sep

Introducing our data science online training

With the demand for data scientists rising at an exponential rate, our new learning pathway...

ITCodeData Science

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26 Aug

Getting more out of your role in IT support

As an IT professional, you have so many incredible options to choose for your career pathwa...


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08 Jul

Student Success: Getting hired during the pandemic

Cyber security student, John shares with us his student experience and fin...

ITCyber securityCareer Services

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30 Jun

Perfect time to upskill into IT project management

Feeling comfortable in your current role as an IT professional, but can’t shake the...

ITProject Management

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Career choices in information technology

Helping people with career choices in information Technology is one of our core pillars at Learning People and we’ve helped thousands of people enter, upgrade, and hack their way into a fulfilling career in IT for more than a decade.

Our deep industry insight enables us to confirm and communicate the best careers in information technology – looking at all available training factors and career variables. You might be looking for a career change into information technology, or the different career opportunities in information technology, or just want to find out if information technology is a good career for you and your personality.

Our IT blog articles range from how to get hired in IT, to providing on-the-job, and ‘day in the life’ insight, study and revision tips, testimonials from a selection of our graduates, and also uncovers what the certifications and skills are that employers are looking for.

Types of information technology careers

Regardless of whether you’re new to tech or a seasoned professional, the options for work and specialisms in IT are far reaching to say the least. Our IT blogs will allow you to differentiate and decipher the sectors and specialisms with detailed insight on IT support, networking, cloud, cyber security, data, and coding.

We discuss accessibility of a career in IT for those with neurodiversity, cover off our participation and creation of our events for women in tech; plus deep dive into the personality types that are best suited for the careers in tech.

You’ll also find trending and disruptive tech topics discussed, featuring the critical insight of the technologies that will make a difference to our daily lives in this increasingly digital age.

Best careers in information technology

There’s no single answer to this but plenty of articles that will help you find what you’re looking for. You might be inspired by the thought of protecting against the threat of cyber attacks, or wanting to get knee deep in switches and cables. You might have the next big idea for an app or community platform – or already have the skills and attributes that simply need matching to your ideal career.

The best way to confirm what your idea of a ‘best’ career in IT looks like is to learn about the landscape, the options, the salaries and the scope. All of which you’ll find in our IT blog article category.

If you’d like to find out more about career choices in information technology, simply subscribe or bookmark this page for the best information technology career advice blogs and find the training and career answers in tech and project management you’ve been looking for.

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