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An FAQ for IT online training

We’ve put together the most common questions our IT and cyber security career consultants get asked.

What experience do you need for IT training?

There is absolutely no experience necessary for many of our IT training packages. A huge benefit of having a consultation call with one of our career experts is that they can advise which certifications are perfect for you. This will be based on your previous experience, current skill set and future aspirations. 

Looking to change careers? We have a wide range of courses and certifications available to support any career path into the tech industry. No matter what industry you are in currently, you are guaranteed to find a place in IT. From cyber security to cloud computing and big data, you’ll be amazed by the opportunities and generous salaries.

For the experienced IT professional, we have expert level certifications to boost your career. Become a master of Amazon Web Services (AWS), a Google Certified Data engineer and more.

Learning People | woman IT professional in interview

Is the training free?

The certifications we provide are globally recognised and accredited and will always require some form of financial investment. With training like this, the rewards far outweigh the initial costs. You’ll be earning confidence, opening yourself up to new career opportunities and higher salaries. 

Certified IT professionals on average, earn far higher than their uncertified peers and are more likely to receive a promotion. For example, recent research found that Oracle Certified Professionals earn 13.7% more than their non-certified colleagues.

We only offer the industry’s most  in demand certifications because these are what will really boost your employability. 

Our finance options will allow you to pay off your tuition fees in a way that suits you.

Is the training classroom based?

Our training is fully online because of the incredible benefits this has to your learner journey. 

Online learning is fully flexible around any lifestyle. As the course content is available 24/7 you can study whenever it suits you. This means you can earn a professional certification alongside a full-time, part-time job, your family and social life. 

Other benefits include:

  • No travel costs
  • Regularly updated course content
  • More personalised learning packages
  • Gain the in-demand practical skills
  • 1-2-1 online mentor support

You will experience the next generation of online learning with our learning platform Percipio. This allows you to download course content on your smartphone, tablet or laptop for learning on the move. Course content is split across books, audiobooks and videos to ensure an engaging and interactive learning experience.

What is the IT job market like?

According to tech giants CompTIA, there are 7 jobs for every 3 IT professionals. This means there is a huge demand for new candidates in the industry.  

Since the beginning of COVID-19, remote working IT support roles have increased by over 1000%. Forbes stated that whilst other industries were failing, tech companies were one of the top industries still hiring.

For cyber security in particular, there is a massive global shortage of professionals with the right skills. Nearly 50% of businesses in the UK have been reported to have a cyber security skills gap

How do I gain a job if I have no prior IT work experience?

There is always an opportunity to change careers with the right training and support.  In fact the average person will change careers between 3 – 7 times in their lifetime. No one has experience when they start in a new industry and employers are aware of this. 

Tech recruitment expert, Emma Gallagher told us…


If you haven’t got the relevant employment experience, you still will have experience of some sort. Whether it is from the course you’ve been doing with Learning People or anything similar. Talk about the stuff that you are learning and what you’ve enjoyed about learning it… Your experience doesn’t have to be employment related, but ultimately get your personality and passion across.”

35% of people working in cyber security have moved careers from a non-tech background. Advancements in technology means that cyber security is still relatively new. Organisations struggle to find professionals with the right skills set, this is where a certification comes in. There is truly no experience necessary when it comes to cyber security.

On top of the globally recognised certification, a lot of our training packages come with Practice Labs. This allows you to apply what you have learnt in your training to a real-life sandbox environment. Potential employers place these skills in high value and it will help you stand out against other candidates. 

Do you accept ELCAS vouchers?

We have an extensive list of students who are ex-military, they chose to learn with us even though we do not accept ELCAS vouchers. This was due to the high standard of certifications and training we have on offer, giving them the best start in the tech industry.

As ELCAS vouchers can be retained for many years, we advise getting your foot in the door through our services and then using them later down the line as an addition to your new skillset.

Do you have any student success stories to share?

We love hearing about how our students have progressed following their training. Here are some of our favourite IT student testimonials:

Cyber security student: Riekert Jansen Van Rensburg

Rick worked in sales for almost 15 years before deciding on a career change. 

We helped him to find the right training to get him started and our Career Services supported him in his job search. 

Riek has now secured his first IT role and is so excited for his future career in tech.

IT student: John Smith

John was unhappy with his job within a corporate environment when he began his online training. When COVID-19 hit, he reached out to our Career Services team for help, it wasn’t long before he landed his new role as an IT Field Engineer.

I would recommend Learning People for the catered packages and additional extras, mainly the career advice and guidance.” 

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