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Exploring our IT project management collection

Being an IT project manager opens up a wealth of opportunity all around the world. 

We are delighted to share the launch of our IT project management collection. The collection includes courses expertly selected to get you career ready in line with industry demand. Explore why now is the ideal time to upskill and what you can expect from a career in this area. 

Learning People | Project manager in IT industry and colleague pointing at laptop

The IT project management collection

Split into 3 levels of competency, the IT Project Management collection is suitable for individuals with all backgrounds of experience. It will equip you with all the most relevant knowledge and skills needed to become efficient in leading a company to completing its IT goals.

Entry level

Covering the basics, this collection of courses is ideal for individuals at the beginning of their project management career. It contains globally respected foundation courses to get you on the right track and boost your employability. This is also ideal for IT professionals looking to upskill into project management.

Courses included:

Intermediate level

If you have some experience managing projects, the intermediate level collection is ideal for validating your knowledge and offering an efficient structure to approaching IT tasks. This will place you as a strong candidate for a wide range of IT management roles such as: Service Desk manager and IT Operations Manager.

Courses included:

Advanced level

This collection of courses requires a wealth of experience working as a project manager. Upon completion you will be equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to lead large scale IT projects from the planning stages into success. The certifications are specially selected to ensure you are able to approach any project with structure and efficiency.

Courses included:

The global demand for IT project managers

With the vast amount of IT management vacancies advertised on job boards today, it is no wonder professionals are seeking to gain the relevant skills. But what has caused the rise in career opportunities?

Digital transformation

Digital transformation refers to the implementation of digital technology into organisations in line with consumer and market demands. This is becoming necessary for companies to incorporate into their business plans. According to a study by Constellation Research 70% of the managers interviewed confirmed that digital strategy was in place either company wide or in key departments – recognising its potential to drive profits.

With this in mind, organisations will need a certified project manager to ensure the digital strategy is implemented with structure and efficiently. 

Technological developments

According to a report by IDC the tech industry is set to globally reach $5.2 trillion in 2020. This comes as technological organisations continue to expand and more tech companies emerge. These companies need managers with the right skillset to lead them to new heights and drive profits.

If you’re an IT professional, upskilling into project management is going to give you a big advantage in the current job market. On top of this, you will be opening up a rewarding career path with incredible benefits.

What does a career in IT project management involve?

A project manager is responsible for overseeing the progress and ensuring the success of a task. You will be responsible for the project planning, implementing and reporting. IT project managers lead information technology projects into fruition. 

It is crucial that an IT project manager makes sure there is a regular flow of communication with the key stakeholders as well as between the relevant team members. A big part of IT projects in particular is also identifying and preventing any cyber security threats.

Key responsibilities of an IT project manager

  • Lead web, app, and mobile projects
  • Estimate and plan the scope for all projects
  • Deliver projects on time and on budget
  • Schedule workflow and resources
  • Risk management
  • Comms with senior stakeholders or clients
  • Manage and communicate with all involved teams
  • Service desk management

Salaries start at a generous £30,000 in entry level roles such as IT project coordinator. This career path leads to £100,000+ in advanced level roles. You can view the career pathways and explore specific job roles on our IT project management career page.

Student Testimonial

Past student, Owen had been working in IT support for over 10 years. He was looking for a fresh challenge and a way to gain some career progression. owen

After enrolling onto our project management training, Owen immediately found incredible success:

“Getting certified in a new skill meant that I was able to apply for jobs that previously I wouldn’t have been able to apply for… now I’m on a completely different career path to the one that I was on before, which is really exciting. That’s what I wanted out of this whole thing. 

“So I got a role as a project support officer initially, and then after 6 months I progressed onto become an assistant project manager.”

You can watch the full video interview here.

Enquire now about getting certified and receive a bespoke consultation from an expert consultant. We can talk you through the right steps for you to reach your career goals, depending on your experience. It is the perfect time to get certified and you should be excited for what is ahead of you.