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Introducing Code+: From Novice to Pro. The Ultimate Web Developer Package

Learning People Launch Code+: The Ultimate Web Developer Careers package

Learning People have recently announced the launch of their industry-leading coding Bootcamp: Code+. This career-ready package provides all of the essential training to start your career in web development, including project management and soft skill training.

Unlike any other course on the market, Code+ gives you all the tools required to be career-ready and a standout candidate, to quickly progress in the industry. With over 10 years of experience building careers, Learning People have constructed the perfect package for anyone looking to start a career in web development, from novice to professional.

These are some of the most in-demand skills around the world. There are more than 1.25 billion websites online and in 2020 alone, there there were 1.4 million computing jobs available. Thousands are being added daily and if this isn’t reason enough to join the Code+ pathway, perhaps the fact that over 56% of web developers get paid in excess of £50,000, will.

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It’s a complete curated package.

  • University Credit-Rated Diploma – Get certified with Europe’s only university credit-rated diploma in Full Stack Software Development.
  • Career Ready digital education – Boost your employability with included PRINCE2® project management and soft skills training.
  • Accelerated Careers Programme – Stand out to employers and fast-track your employment through this Accelerated Career Programme outfitted to help boost your employability.
  • Pioneering learning platform – Access to resources from over 12,000 books and 10,000 hours of video content through our Percipio online platform. Access to unique learning tech with ELSA and the Percipio App.
  • Flexible financial options – We want you to have access, no matter what financial situation you are in.

Why have Learning People created Code+?

Whilst the hard skills that a traditional web developer course offers are important, we know that to become a standout candidate you need more. With the endorsement from industry leaders, we’ve identified these core skills required to secure a role and curated the most compelling coding careers package on the market.

Our mission was to create a package that combines both the hard skills of a traditional web developer course, with the soft skills that are essential in the working world. The result: a curated package that gives you all of the tools needed to land your dream job in web development.

On top of all of this, we also still deliver our award-winning career support and StudentCareTM, to ensure that you’re supported every step of the way. You’ll graduate with a credit-rated University Diploma in Web Development, as well as essential project management skills.

What Are the Benefits of Code+?

The Code+ Collection is truly like no other course on the market. Tailored by experts, to deliver an education that features:

Exclusive Access to our Accelerated Career Programme

As part of the four-phased programme our Career Services team begin by mapping out a career strategy bespoke to you with 1:1 career advice including launching your personal and professional brand on LinkedIn, guidance on the best social developer communities to engage in. You’ll quickly immerse yourself in the coding industry.

The confidence you gain from personal development will also be a big advantage in the workplace. You’ll be more inclined to put forward informed ideas and trust in your expertise. You can place yourself as a strong leader in a business or act as a vital part of a team.

Real-Life Practical Skills

Industry-standard certification that gives you the confidence to apply knowledge within a real-life professional situation. Certifications are used by employers as a benchmark in applications because they indicate the knowledge needed to complete tasks using trusted methods.

Flexible Finance Options

Code+ accessibility to anyone, no matter their current financial situation. The Learning People are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and can assist students in financing the Code+ course. We understand that investing in your learning is a commitment, so we guide our students through that process.

Regular Updated Course Content

With PRINCE2® project management training and bespoke soft skills training, the online courses are updated far more regularly than university education. Our Industry experts review course content to ensure it is in line with current industry needs.

These courses are shaped with your employability in mind and you’ll gain a holistic education that will make you a stand out candidate. When you enter the job market, as a highly-skilled individual, you will have higher qualifications than the standard coding training expected.

Personalised learning and flexible online learning

Online training has much more scope for flexibility, compared to traditional university education. Learning People offer personalised training packages, based on your unique career goals and learning needs.

You get to learn at your own pace and aren’t restricted to rigid timetable lecturers. The training is accessible whenever you are ready to use it.

Percipio learning experience platform

Unlike any other coding Bootcamp in the world, we offer exclusive and unique learning technology with ELSA and the Percipio App. This is a unique benefit when studying with the Learning People, as it allows ease of use and convenient accessibility.

You’ll gain access to thousands of micro-learning assets in your browser while studying from the best tech learning platform in the world, anywhere in the world.

A global community and prestigious industry networks

Since 2010 we’ve supported over 40,000 students worldwide. During this time we’ve partnered with the world’s biggest certification bodies and been endorsed by the industry, so we can deliver our students with career pathways that are exactly aligned to what employers are looking for. You’re never too old to learn how to code and anyone over the age of 18 can enrol.

FAQ on web developer courses

What is the cost of a web developer course?

Code+ provides exceptional value for money and 15 months of access to a wealth of industry-leading tools and training materials at a competitive price. We know that every student is different, which is why we offer flexible packages. The cost of the Code+ can be discussed via a career consultation at the Learning People.

What is the average web developer course duration?

Code+ offers a range of courses that can all be delivered flexibly, so the duration of the course is really up to the student. It depends on how much time the student is dedicating to their learning and whether they want to whizz through it or take it slowly. The average web developer course duration is somewhere around 500-600 hours.

Are there finance options for web developer course fees?

Yes. We want the Code+ to be accessible to anyone, no matter their current financial situation. Learning People are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and can assist students in financing the Code+ course.

Want to learn more about the Code+ Collection?

On top of your formal education, we offer an unrivalled student experience with an award-winning Career Services and StudentCare™ team, and a wealth of student benefits from invites to exclusive industry events, access to prestigious employer networks and a TOTUM card to get discounts at your favourite high street brands.

Are you interested in becoming a web developer? Our career consultants are here to talk through your options. Simply book a complimentary consultation now to learn more about Code+.