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Introducing our data science online training

With the demand for data scientists rising at an exponential rate, our new learning pathway is perfect for professionals looking to upskill.

Updated on:  19 July 2021

Our expert career consultants are on hand to discuss your future in data science. Find out more and receive an expert, no-obligation consultation today.

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Learning People | Data scientist professional in data centre

From Data Analyst to Data Scientist 

Our training enables tech professionals to enter this lucrative career pathway and thrive as a data scientist.

  • Made by experts for experts

Curated from industry demands, each part of the training contributes towards you being a stand out candidate. There is a clear learner journey to keep you on track and you learn only the most relevant skills to your career goals.

  • An intelligent and engaging learning experience

You’ll gain access to over 80 hours of dedicated multi-modal content in the form of books, audiobooks and videos. The training is hosted on Percipio, an innovative learning platform that allows you to learn when it suits you. You can download on-the-go content for any smart device.

  • Apply your new skills in a controlled environment

You’re given the opportunity to practice your new technical skills in state of the art virtual labs. This is a sandbox environment that allows you to use real equipment to practice tasks, helping you to experience data science in a professional setting. This is such a valuable part of the training as it will help you to experience what being a data scientist is really like.

Training pathway includes:

  1. Data Analyst – The focus is the data analyst role and explores areas such as: Python, R, architecture, statistics, and Spark
  2. Data Wrangler – The focus will be on the data wrangler role. Exploring areas such as:
    wrangling with Python, Mongo, and Hadoop
  3. Data Ops – The focus will be on the Data Ops role. Here you will explore areas such as:
    governance, security, and harnessing volume and velocity
  4. Data Science – The focus will be on the Data Scientist role. Here you will explore areas such
    as: visualisation, APIs, and ML and DL algorithms

Ideal for…

There are no required prerequisites but we recommend that you have a working knowledge of data applications and working knowledge of Python and cloud systems.

Lacking this experience? Take a look at our Novice to Pythonista learner pathway.

What does a career in data science involve?

Becoming a data scientist puts you at the forefront of the tech industry. With a mix of computer science and mathematics, data scientists immerse themselves in data.

You’ll be expected to data wrangle, gather and analyse all kinds of data and offer interpretations and discover notable trends. Companies and organisations will then use your findings in their strategies.

The human mind does not have the ability to just look at tables and tables of data and just draw some conclusions. Data science is a logical way of being able to identify the structures that are inherent in that data, understanding the business problem, doing the analytics and then providing some sort of a solutionAlena Crivello, Data Scientist at Chevron

It is an extremely well paid career with average salaries ranging from £75k to £220k+.

As a data scientist you will immediately benefit from:

  • Opportunities to work for highly respected brands
  • Job security
  • Competitive salaries
  • Work across a wide range of industries
  • Innovative role with the chance to change the future of tech

The industry

It is imperative that organisations can expand their tech teams with data science experts, to survive in the current market. According to The Royal Society’s report, the demand for workers with specialist data skills has risen by over 231% over the last 5 years

Recent research by LinkedIn has shown that data science is also one of the most in-demand skills in the 2020 job market. Companies can see the value of the role and are willing to invest in professionals with the right data science skills.

Big data is also a booming industry, with development and analyst pathways available. The big data analytics market is projected to rise to $103 billion by 2023, with banking, healthcare, retail, and energy among the sectors that will benefit the most.

Get all the right support for your career

Unlike other learning providers, we offer you a bespoke career development experience. Learning People take the time to understand your goals and offer only the most relevant support to compliment them.


Our students’ needs come first and our award-winning student support ensures this. Once you’ve enrolled, you’ll be welcomed by our StudentCareTM team. You’ll receive a detailed orientation of the intelligent learning platform and be shown all the valuable supporting features.

The team will build you a personalised study plan to work within your lifestyle and ensure you stay motivated. When the time comes, StudentCareTM makes sure you are ready to pass your exam with flying colours.

Career Services

Our Career Services is the final piece of the puzzle that helps our students reach success. This service connects you with a careers expert for 1-to-1 support. You’ll gain the knowledge to navigate the Data Science job market and how best to present yourself to potential employers.

Ready to take the first steps towards a new career in data science?

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