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An update on our Online Learning Grant

Our £1m Online Learning Grant is helping more people enter a secure career in tech.

Published on 5 June 2020

The success of the Online Learning Grant so far

The Online Learning Grant has seen incredible results over the past 2 months across our UK, Australia and New Zealand branches. We are happy to announce our plans to extend its availability period to 30 June 2020 (previously 31 May). Our mission is to empower people of all skill levels to embrace a career in technology and with the support of the Online Learning Grant, we are able to help more people than ever before.

Launched on 8 April 2020, our £1 million Online Learning Grant is available to give more people, all over the globe, access to industry-leading training to boost their career in the technology sector. This investment is used as a contribution towards tuition fees on a selection of our most popular courses. 

Whilst we will continue to prioritise grant funding to those who have been directly impacted by COVID-19, the Online Learning Grant is broadly available to all new enrolments. The tech industry is thriving and has a high demand for skilled professionals, we want to give everyone the opportunity to build their future within it. 

Please get in touch to speak to a career consultant about your future career and to assess your eligibility for the Online Learning Grant. 

Learning People | Online Learning Grant results infographic

*Statistics were accurate at time of production and are subject to change as the Online Learning Grant and data collection remains on-going.

How our students have been affected by COVID-19

  • Nearly a quarter (24%) of our newly enrolled students came to us following redundancy or furlough seeking a more secure future in tech. 
  • 40% of students who enrolled over the last 2 months were motivated by the desire to start a new career in the tech industry.
  • Our current students’ top motivator for seeking training is a career change.
  • 46% of our students are currently feeling more motivated to study as a result of COVID-19.

Why are people moving into the tech industry?

Job security

In the current climate, digital transformation is taking the lead in business strategies and making tech roles even more secure. The Office of National Statistics released the Business Impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) Survey (BICS) to highlight the digital sector’s employment as the most resilient, with the least amount of layoffs. 

Hit the hardest were industries such as hospitality, travel and construction. A career change into the tech industry is giving them the security they need.

Competitive salaries

The tech industry is ever-evolving, opening up career pathways in every direction you can think of. With this career progression, the salaries continue to generously match. Entry level roles range between £20k-£40k depending on the focus area and senior level roles are £100k+.

Global opportunities

There is an on-going demand for professionals with the right digital skills meaning there is a wide range of vacancies available all around the world. Gaining a globally respected certification is going to boost your employability and make you stand out to industry-leading employers.

Why do our students choose to train with us?

In line with our mission to close the skills gap in the tech industry by helping people to make informed training and career decisions, we recently asked our students why they chose to train with us. Here are some of the results. 

  • The top reason for students choosing to study with us was the trust they have in our brand and the positive reviews that we receive.
  • 72% of our students said that our reputation for being the number 1 platform for career changers in tech was important to them.
  • 81% of students found the expert advice from our Career Consultants significant in their decision to enrol with us.

Student Success

Sam has an amazing student journey to share. After falling ill, she pushed back against the odds with support from our StudentCareTM and finished all of her exams. She’s now able to formally apply project management principles to her job role, and approach all projects with confidence due to the certifications she’s now gained.

When I was studying for my exams, I became unwell with the virus that’s been going round and I almost didn’t finish my studies. I reached out for some support and I have to say Learning People were absolutely brilliant.”

Are you looking for a career change?

Our expert career consultants are working remotely to offer support to all of our enquiries. If you would like to find out more about our online courses and what the tech industry has to offer you, you can get in contact directly by calling 0800 0141 311 or 01273 907 919.