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Make the Change - March 2023 UPDATE

Due to overwhelming demand, we’re extending Make the Change throughout March 2023


Designed to help those who want to advance their careers, Make the Change gives you the tools and support to get certified and job-ready for your new career with confidence

And addition to priority onboarding and accelerated career services – we’re now providing professional skills training for all March 2023 enrolments.   


What is professional skills training?

Also known as ‘soft skills’ our professional training helps you master the following areas based on your individual needs, learning plan and career goals:


  • Career Development 
  • Business Skills
  • Personal Development
  • Microsoft Office 
  • Scrum for Project Management 



Why are professional skills important in tech and project management careers?


  • The tech and project management skills shortage is bigger than ever with demand for qualified candidates outpacing supply. Recent research conducted by IT certification giant CompTIA, stated that in addition to validating technical skills with certifications, professional skills are the key area for career growth. 


  • Google’s Project Aristotle also showed that the best teams at Google exhibit a range of soft skills: equality, generosity, curiosity toward the ideas of your teammates, empathy, and emotional intelligence.


Robyn De Brun | Head of Learning People Career Services 

“Professional skills are really important for tech and project management professionals because they enable them to communicate, collaborate, and solve problems with confidence. Yes, technical skills and certifications are important, but you really need those people skills to succeed in the tech industry. With great soft skills, tech and project management professionals can build solid relationships with clients and co-workers, leading to greater career success, a more cohesive working environment, and broader career opportunities.”




March 2023 | Make the Change:


  • Multi Award Winning StudentCare™
    1:1 onboarding and regular check-ins + tech support when you need it
  • Expert Career Services
    Professional CV and LinkedIn guidance –  job application and interview support for the career you want
  • Industry Leading Content
    Multi modal education – Watch – Read – Practice – learn the way that suits you On-Demand Mentors 1:1 professional support for your learning journey from industry accredited experts
  • Complementary Live Classrooms
    Reinforce your self paced study and accelerate your learning progress with Live Classrooms
  • Professional Skills Training
    Critical skills for the lifetime of your career
  • TOTUM Pro Student Discount Card
    Giving you access to huge offers on food and essentials, tech, travel and home delivery
  • 97% Employment Success*
    Land the career you want with our three-step Career Services programme
 *Students who complete all three phases with Career Services achieve 97% employment success


Enrol now and be ready for the April 2023 recruitment drive with confidence

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