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Student testimonial: Be confident, you can do it

It’s always a great day when we hear a student has aced their course with the help of our amazing career consultants. 

Jonathan has successfully completed the Certified Ethical Hacker course on his quest to expand his knowledge and keep his existing skills up-to-date and fresh as possible. Cyber security is no joke, with industry giants being struck by data breaches an every day occurrence, there’s never been a better time to become a Certified Ethical Hacker. 


Why did you choose the Learning People?

Learning People offer an excellent range of courses at a keen price point. I had heard of their legendary support to students and felt this was the deal-maker for me.

What inspired you to complete your online Certified Ethical Hacker course with the Learning People?

I called The Learning People to enquire about the course, always wanted to do it. The Consultant encouraged me, convinced me I could achieve this in a year.

He was right!


Did you receive the right support and information before, during and after your training?

Absolutely, no complaints at all. The support was Goldilocks: not too little, not too much, but just right.


Tell us about your experience with your training course

The course material was okay (I hear it’s been updated since), the support was first-rate and the whole journey was a happy experience.


What advice would you give to fellow students completing online courses with us?

Block out fixed times every week for studying. Do every test again and again until you get 100%, don’t move on until you’ve done this.
Be confident: you can do it!


Would you recommend the Learning People?

I have, frequently. Everyone I have referred has enjoyed a successful course.