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e learning questions and answers

Online learning

e learning questions and answers

E Learning, also known as online learning, online training, sometimes distance learning, or online courses – call it what you will, it mostly all means the same thing; you’re able to learn and practice new skills from the comfort of your own home. At Learning People we’ve specialised in e learning for more than a decade and when it comes to e learning questions and answers are an expert hub of information.

Not only are we partnered with the biggest and best e learning organisations globally, we have exclusivity to provide content throughout the UK and Ireland making the knowledge base of industry aligned training available to individuals – and not just businesses.

In our online learning article section you’ll find Top tips for working from home, which covers routine setting, time management, establishing peak performance times, and how to implement a little more motivation into your day.

We feature articles on boosting productivity with online learning where you’ll be able to understand how logging in at home can pay dividends when upskilling or career changing.

benefits of e learning

Having spent so many years helping students with their online studies, we’re able to share and confirm the true benefits of e learning at all levels of career and expertise. From initial login orientation courtesy of our StudentCare™ team, to live online classrooms hosted by industry-leading tutors  – Zoom interview coaching and career workshops from our Career Services team – we’ve seen it and done it all.

Time is probably the biggest benefit of e learning, with no need for a commute or rigid schedule to stick to we can be agile with our approach to learning and sneak in study whenever we want.

Money is another huge benefit of e learning whereby the associated cost of a real world classroom and teachers is removed entirely. Instead, you can benefit from up to date, industry aligned content that can be accessed literally anywhere in the world at a fraction of a University fee.

Effectiveness is massive when it comes to e learning, with studies showing that e learning is reported to increase retention of knowledge by up to 60%.

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