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Choosing an industry in project management

Choosing an industry in project management can seem overwhelming, particularly if you’re in a role that is facing uncertainty as a result of the pandemic. Use this blog as a guide to find the ideal industry for you.

It is the perfect time to grab hold of the project management reigns and get started on a new career adventure. Read on to find out how to make the change, stock up on solid career advice, and start your journey.

Learning People | Group meeting with project manager

Which industries need project managers?

In previous times, project managers were typically employed to deal with the delivery of larger, more specific projects. Organisations saw projects with large targets and big budgets as the most essential time to use project managers.

This is no longer the case. Those same techniques are now being put in place to also help manage projects on a smaller scale. What does this mean? Project managers are not only needed in the construction and software industries. While these arenas still require certified PMs, the industry net has been cast much wider.

Nowadays, all industries need project managers. This makes it an ideal role to be certified in. In fact, organisations that undervalue project management suffer 50% more project failures than those that invest in project management. Lots more industries and companies than ever before are recognising the need for PM professionals.

What industry should I choose?

If you haven’t had previous experience in certain industries, it can feel a little more daunting to make that move. This is where the beauty of project management skills come in, as many are transferable and will come from experience in non-management roles. These soft skills, combined with the technical skills you acquire from an entry-level certification, will give you exactly what employers are looking for.

To help give you a flavour of where to begin, we’ve helped to break it down by industry for you…

Construction and engineering

These types of projects have always required project managers, whether it’s to refresh infrastructure, build new housing or improve upon facilities. To work in construction and civil engineering, you’ll need to possess management skills in order to lead local and international change and assist with large-scale innovative build projects.


The IT sector has always been at the forefront of the project management scene. With an extensive range of work to be carried out and projects relating to big data, Artificial Intelligence – AI and the implementation and development of solutions, the need for PM professionals will only continue to grow.

The use of new technology is set to increase in the future of project management, with 64% thinking robotics will be used more and 81% predicting an increase in the use of AI. In addition to the newer tech projects, the IT industry still needs project managers to take the lead on the infrastructure side of things.

If you want to work in an agile industry, IT could be the place where you show off your newly-trained project management skills. We now offer training pathways especially for IT project management.


It may not come as a surprise that the healthcare industry is undergoing some pretty significant changes, especially in the wake of 2020. From an ever-increasing population to newly reported illnesses, the need for new hospitals and outreach services is abundant.

Enter the need for certified digital project managers, particularly as the industry moves from traditional paper-based records to digitally storing medical data. This area will see a shift towards larger data projects, creating plenty of project management spots. If you’re interested in skills development with regards to process improvement projects, this could be your calling.

Financial services

This sector has seen a shift over the last decade, with project management now becoming an integral part of the way the financial services industry operates. An advance in technology is driving forward more advanced systems, and with this, comes the need for certified project managers.

If you fancy getting familiar with transformative change in order to organise more strategic business plans and keep up with the changing needs of customers, this could be an industry you align with. In this field, project managers need to understand all about leading change and keeping within regulations.

Love a good spreadsheet? Great, you’ll need to – although this role is more than just formatting and utilising accounts. Think marketing, customer service and in-house employee needs.

What project management certifications are available to me?

There is a range of beginners online training aimed at setting you up with all the knowledge and skills you’ll need for whichever industry you choose to set foot into. 

CAPM collection

If your aim is to fast become a leading project manager, step inside the world of our CAPM collection. Ideal for the start of your project management career, the CAPM and PRINCE2® certifications included are perfectly placed to develop your skills no matter if you’re starting from entry-level or working from a slightly more experienced starting point.

From project fundamentals to project initiation and planning, whether you want to switch up your career, improve upon your current goals, or start from scratch, this course offers helpful career advice and provides you with essential skills.

CAPM and Change Management collection

Covering an in-demand career trend for this year and being ideal place to start your project management career, is our CAPM and Change Management collection. No project management experience? This collection aims to get you set up with the essential skills so that you can tackle your new role as Project Manager and support an organisation through a transitional period.

The collection includes some of the world’s leading certifications, including:

IT Project Management collection

Want to lead a company to the completion of its IT goals? Depending on your current situation, our IT Project Management collection can provide the skills and career advice you need. Split into three levels of competency – entry, intermediate, and advanced – you’ll receive helpful mentor support and award-winning training to become an established expert in your chosen industry no matter what your current experience in the sector.

Ideal for those looking to become successful IT Project Co-ordinators, Managers and Directors, this collection opens up all sorts of industry doors.

It’s a lucrative career pathway

The average salary for a Project Manager sits at around £48,000. That’s about 62% higher than the current national average salary (£29,600).

The pathways available within project management are endless. From beginner courses to those beyond – no matter your previous skills, experience, and long-term goals – the role is ready and waiting for you.

Hear our student Anthony talk about his experience studying the CAPM collection with Learning People, and how he secured a new project management role after completing just the first course in the collection:

Get in touch to see how you can take the first step in changing up your career with our expert range of project management courses. We’re on hand to offer first-class career advice and get you ready for a whole new working world.

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