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online soft skills training courses

Soft skills

19 Apr

Introducing Code+: From Novice to Pro. The Ultimate Web Developer Package

Learning People Launch Code+: The Ultimate Web Developer Careers package


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13 May

The need for soft skills

Soft skills are a vital part of your skills toolbelt. In this blog we explain what exactly ...

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online soft skills training courses

At Learning People our core pillars are IT, project management, and coding (or software development). However, this compartmentalisation never limits our curriculum or what the demands of the tech industry can throw into the mix. Online soft skills training courses were introduced many years ago by Learning People and were ahead of the curve once again with employers and studies showing latterly that soft skills were a key factor in understanding the secret of a great future employee.

Within our soft skills article section you’ll find out why we decided to provide soft skills training courses, you’ll also find out which courses you’ll need for your specific career, or personal aspirations. With detailed accounts of what you learn, why you learn it, and what to expect from Learning People’s unrivalled online soft skills training.

soft skills online courses

Our Personal Development soft skills online course is designed to help you assess your actual skills and qualities, which enables you to then consider your professional aims and set goals to maximise your potential. With modules covering managing yourself, mental well-being, self development and decision making to name but a few – it’s positive impact on our students has been incredible.

The business skills soft skills online course pathway will help you drive ideas into fruition, by helping you develop written communication and discovering how you can make an impact through critical thinking and professional strategies. With modules covering subjects such as negotiation, critical thinking, business grammar, and presentation skills.

soft skill development course

Career development is a big one for us and our students at Learning People – with a volume of our enquiries being made up of career changers and up-skillers, this soft skills developmental course will help you to position yourself as a leader within a team, manage stress, and your time and be an effective communicator. With modules covering critical topics such as being a first time manager, to delegation, listening, and developing as a leader – this is crucial to our soft skills collection of courses.

If you’d like more information on online soft skills training courses simply subscribe or bookmark this page for the best options for you and your career from Learning People.

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