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2022 Student Success Update | Monday July 04

Welcome to the Learning People Student Success update for 04 June 2022 – our regular weekly round up previewing a handful of up to the minute successes, including exams sat, certifications gained, interviews attended, and new positions attained.     


Code and software development

Ashur has been offered the role of a Full Stack Developer for an international IT service management company who are also interested in him working with DevOps due to his varied experience.  This is a salary increase for Ashur, but he is also at the final interview stage with a digital solutions, consultancy, and security firm where an even larger salary is on offer.  

Great work Ashur and testament to your dedication to learning.   


Siobhán has just completed her role as a Technical Business Analyst and has now landed a brand new role of ERP Developer with an electronics components distribution company.

A great jump and fantastic career move. 


Two years after successfully completing his Full Stack Developer Diploma, Will has landed a role as a Lead Developer.

Will landed his first coding role exactly 1 month after he initially engaged with Career Services and since that time, has worked in a variety of tech roles. This recent success is a result of working freelance for an emerging start-up and after 6 months they made him Lead Developer. 

Fantastic work Will, and congratulations from all of us at Learning People. 


Paul is now working as a Front End Developer for menswear retailer, Steve has started up his own Freelance company called Codebase Development and has already gained two regular clients – and Helen is now working as a Freelance Junior Software Developer.

Zahur has been working as a Freelance Software Developer, completing commercial projects using React, Python, APIs and some Data Analytics and Web Design works. Some of his notable clients include large names like UpWork.

Charlie has accepted a Junior Software Developer role, Joel has accepted a role as Graduate PHP Developer with a holiday cottage rental company, Ryan has made an internal move at his current company from warehouse packing operative to developer, and following a 4 month internship as Data Analyst, Ulisses has now begun a new role with a private hospital group as a Patient Services Administrator.



Naifat has just started as a Software Engineer at a diversity and antiracism organisation. Naifat was unemployed when first engaging with Learning People and having completed her 2nd milestone project was found on LinkedIn by the CEO of her new employer as a result of Career Services guidance and mentoring.

Phillip has just started as a Software QA Tester for an end-to-end Testing, Infrastructure Management organisation, Daryl has been promoted to Technical Specialist at Q4, and Ellie has landed the role as Web Designer (hopefully moving to Front-End) at a job aggregator website.

Stuart has accepted his first Software Development position with a digital transformation giant – and will also begin a 3 month training programme with them where he’ll learn Java and Spring boot

Chloe has got a job this month as Data Analyst for an employee benefit & wellbeing business, Tilly has recently progressed to Senior Technical Support Engineer at an organisation that builds products for developers and designers – great progression after a year and a half as Technical Support Engineer at her previous employers.



Adrian is now a Technical Support Manager for a global data organisation, Joseph has interviewed and had same day acceptance for the role of Technical Support Advisor.

Hayden has now progressed to 2nd Line IT Support Analyst and Petar is starting as an Azure Support Engineer with Microsoft in July and Ruann has just started a new role as a 2nd Line Technical Support Engineer for a UK telecoms specialist.


Aaron joins a brand, innovation and communication specialist business as a Level 1 IT Support Engineer. This is a big change for Aaron who has worked for the NHS for 7 years.
Great work Aaron and congratulations from all of us at Learning People. 

Having just recently started her AWS Cloud Certifications, Shinjinee has accepted an offer as Cloud Platform Transformation Management Consultant with a multinational professional services network business. Needless to say she is thrilled.



Project management

Praveena has just secured a contract Project Manager role with a media solutions business, Baron now works as a Client Engagement Coordinator for a digital product agency. Nonde joins a customers and consumers technology business as an Operations Assistant and Jayne now works as a Learning and Teaching Administrator at Glasgow University, a super impressive career pivot from her previous experience as a Bar Manager.

Chris has secured a permanent role as PMO Lead at an IT support, network services and telecoms consultancy. 

John has started as an Assistant Project Manager/Product Owner with a London based fashion business on a 6 month contract and is getting exposure to Data Analytics as well as having full involvement in Sprints each day.


Farid has just started as a professional Project Manager for a data innovation business, Laura is now a Project Manager for a leading global provider of space solutions, and Francesca has been working with a global engineering, technology and consulting service provider as a senior business consultant.

Nicola has been promoted to Programme Lead Online Pre Master Programme for a for-profit international education provider, Keith is starting as a Regional Retail Manager with Barnardos, which he was offered after one interview due to his engagement in PRINCE2 exams



A massive congratulations to all of our students on their hard work and their deserved success and progression – from all of us at Learning People.  

If you’d like to experience world class support and education from the tech and project management experts, get in touch today.