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2022 Student Success Update | Monday October 24

Welcome to the Learning People Student Success update for the week commencing 31 October 2022 – our regular weekly round-up previewing a selection of up-to-the-minute successes, including exams sat, certifications gained, interviews attended, and new positions attained.  


Project Management

Ryan has been offered a position with Travelex as a Facilities Coordinator with a salary of 30K. He is expecting another offer from a company he is more passionate about as he will get direct rather than indirect project experience, and this offer should come in next week. He is also interviewing with another additional IT company for a Project Coordinator role next week.

Fatima has been offered the position of Membership Marketing Executive with the Institution of Civil Engineering. She is being put on a 12-week apprenticeship programme within her company to get full exposure to new projects, where she will evaluate risk and plan potential strategies for project scheduling. 

Tinashe has just landed his first BA role with Energia. This was his first BA interview and he got the offer the day after the interview, which is a huge achievement. Currently working as a Warehouse Operator, Tinashe began working with Career Services less than 3 months ago and states that ”in the past 11 months, Learning People has helped me completely change the direction of my life”.

Oladipo is now a Technical Project Manager at Google.



cyber awareness


IT and Cyber Security

Deqo has been offered a position with Wanstor Company as a Service Desk Analyst, where she will be earning 25K for the first 6 months and then progress into a more senior 2nd-line role. Her company has support in place so she can move into Cyber Security after 18 months of being there, with full expenses paid for any courses she wants to do in the future.

Hadi has recently started as a Service Desk Analyst for Persimmon Homes after successfully completing 2 interviews and getting feedback the very same day saying they were impressed with his experience and efforts in the interview.

John is yet to complete his CompTIA A+ and has been working with Access UK, which is an IT Software Supplies company, in a role that is 50% warehouse work and 50% EPOS system admin/testing/support. He is getting good exposure to hardware and software. This role will leverage really well him once he has passed his A+. He plans to spend 1 year in the job and then move on to an IT Support or Network Engineer role.


A huge congratulations to all of our students on their well-deserved success and progression – from all of us at Learning People.   

If you’d like to experience world class support and education from the tech and project management experts, get in touch with us today.