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Our IT Student Success Stories

Certification training will provide you with the skills that employers demand – but getting certified is just one feature of the Learning People experience.

Our expert 360 Career Services team will guide and support you through their exclusive 3 phase career support programme – with 97% of students finding a new role upon completion.



Headed up by Marisha, Robyn, and Rachel – this accomplished and highly experienced team will equip you to tackle the complex jobs market with confidence – and help you land your dream role.

Below you can see some of our recent student success stories – we hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed guiding them through their career progression.



Rory Greenwood

Reason for enrolling

I was teaching at the time which I really wasn’t enjoying. And it was around the time of lock-down, which felt like a good time for me to learn a new skill and do something else.

Career Services

I remember talking with Marisha quite a bit. She really helped me with my CV and LinkedIn profile so I stood out to employers. And it was actually because of my LinkedIn profile that I was contacted about the job that I’m in now.

The Results

Rory says:

“I would say go ahead and do it – and I would also say that you have to stick with it. It’s all about being consistent and making sure you get a little bit done every day.




Reason for enrolling

In 2018, I qualified as a Solicitor and was working my way up the corporate ladder. However, I began to realise that, perhaps, my career of choice was not aligning with my personal values or skill set. The idea of a career change after four years of University, two years of training and a couple of years post qualification experience behind me, was nothing short of daunting. 

Career Services

Marisha Baksi went above and beyond her role and has been an absolutely fantastic careers coach to me, on both a professional level and a personal level. It is clear that she has a real passion for the development of individuals pursuing a career change or development and I cannot thank her enough for the assistance and continued support that she has shown me during the early days of my career change, right through to finding my new role and beyond.

The Results

Yasmin says:

“Just do it! There is absolutely no time like the present and if your experience is anything like mine, you will not regret it!



Bryan Pepple

Reason for enrolling

I used to be in the Navy and was thinking about my long term career and where I saw myself being in terms of finances and what was available to me and how far I could get. And I came to the conclusion that I’m better off back on land, learning new skills to develop myself. So I spent some time researching online what I needed to change my career.  I found Learning People and checked out the student testimonials and a virtual seminar and everything just made sense. 

Career Services

Career Services were spot on. I had really good advice from Rachel and a lot of help with my CV. I also attended the workshops that they do around CVs and for LinkedIn – there’s a lot that they bring to the table. Especially what approach works best for applying for different jobs.

The Results

Bryan says:

“I’ve already recommended Learning People to three of my friends. If you want to change your career then definitely go to Learning People. Even if you’re just looking to top up your career, Learning People can put you in the right direction.”



Jack Kyzer

Reason for enrolling

I applied with Learning People because after 5 years of teaching, I realised it wasn’t my calling and I had other passions in life I wanted to pursue. After some careers advice and weighing up what I wanted out of my life long term, I settled on Cyber Security. I’ve always been tech savvy and fascinated by networks and computers. A career in cyber would allow me to travel, work remotely, easily pivot to other careers within IT like development or cloud architecture. Plus, I liked the idea of working for government agencies and feeling proud of my work.

Career Services

I was in a Cyber role within 12 months of studying with Learning People.

The Results

Jack says:

“There were two online learning vendors that I weighed up. I started off with a call with Ed Rayner at Learning People and found him extremely personable and patient. Plus, there was no hard sell or promises of a career at the end of it. He told me straight that I would need to work hard and that they could merely provide all the tools necessary to succeed.

Decide whether or not Cyber really is something you want to do or not. If it is, I would strongly Learning People. Get into the habit of studying every day, especially in the morning and before bed. Consistency is absolutely crucial. Look into cyber attacks, create a reliable LinkedIn network and reach out to others studying as well. Create a portfolio of your work, show off your certifications. With enough guile, you will land a job in cyber security with no issues. Yes, the exams are hard. But you’re never alone.”




Petar Ivanov

Reason for enrolling

It all started with the pandemic, and it really got me thinking – where I am at the moment? What do I know? And what if something happened to the cinema industry that I was working in? So at that time I really couldn’t see how I could expand from where I was.

So I really needed to learn something more, something new to stay one step ahead. I really wanted to get into Cloud and it just felt like that was the moment. So I decided to go for it.

Career Services

We got as far as updating my CV but I was then found by Microsoft on LinkedIn.

The Results

Petar says:

“I think I spoke with one other training provider, but Learning People looked like a much more professional choice. It just sounded like you knew what you were doing and Tim, my career consultant, was a big part of why I enrolled. We had many calls and he really listened to what I needed and found the specific Cloud Collection of training that was really perfect for me. And he really helped me make the decision.

Tim asked me what I’m doing now, he wanted to learn more about me –  and he pointed out what was best for me and what I was looking for. And also explained everything about how things work when I enrol.

I did have some concerns, but he managed to explain everything in detail. For example, I was worried about what would happen if I failed any of the exams. And if I’d need to pay again to re-sit them. And he was able to confirm that there was nothing to worry about – and that I could have unlimited exam sittings, which really helped me decide on enrolling.

The best part for me was that I wasn’t worried about failing exams and having to pay more to sit them again. I didn’t actually fail many at all – I only had to re-sit one certification exam. 

Don’t think too much about how much it costs – or if it’s worth it. Because it’s always worth it. When people and companies see you do more it shows them that you are dedicated to learn something new and progress in your career.”




Brittany Bancroft

Reason for enrolling

So I was in lockdown and I was feeling a bit lost and bored and was thinking about what I wanted to do for a new career and started looking at doing courses. I saw Learning People show up on my social media, so I took a look at what you offered, and then enquired for a consultation call. 


 StudentCare were always very fast at getting back to me if I needed anything.

Career Services

I worked with Robyn who was my dedicated Career Services consultant. She was very friendly and she had a lot of knowledge about getting a job in the industry and she was with me every step of the way, guiding me and helping me out. It’s quite difficult to pinpoint what was most useful because obviously all of it was. But I think ultimately, I got the interview for the job through networking on LinkedIn, so learning how to use that was really useful. 

The Results

Brittany says:

“I didn’t actually speak with any other training providers, but when I was looking around it was the Career Services that stood out. I also watched quite a few of the testimonials from Learning People students that piqued my interest. 


My consultation call was very informative, they asked me lots of questions about what I was interested in and were then able to suggest what they thought would be the best fit for me. They went into a lot of detail about what was included in the course and how Career Services works and all the available payment options. They also gave me an insight to what a career in the industry would actually be like. 


I found all the online learning quite easy because you can pretty much study anywhere at any time – and you also have the app which means you study on your laptop, or your phone. I had quite a lot of fun playing around in the labs which really helped me develop my practical skills. They basically allowed me to put what I’d learnt in the videos and the textbooks into real-world practice.”




Justin Cooper

Reason for enrolling


I didn’t know anything about getting into the industry, and a quick Google search showed me that Learning People had the top reviews. There are a lot of scam companies out there and I could see that Learning People wasn’t one of them. I researched the certifications that were being offered and they were all legitimate and well-sought-after certifications.

Career Services

They were really helpful, I worked with Marisha at the time. She guided me through the process of writing my CV and how to use LinkedIn, which was invaluable. I use it to this day and I’ve secured all my positions through LinkedIn.

The Results

Justin says:

“I didn’t know anything about the industry at all. I’ve always been a techie and I’ve been able to code for a long time, but I didn’t have a clue. So it was good that Learning People were able to tailor a package for me and give me guidance as well. It’s like an all in one package, where I didn’t have to worry about anything. I was given the learning materials, I was given the exam vouchers and I knew that there were free retakes as part of my course as well, which was really good because I actually failed on two certifications, and then had to retake them.

The learning material was quite straightforward, when I did the CompTIA A+, it was quite in-depth in terms of there being a steep learning curve of technologies, and there are two parts to that exam. I was actually provided with additional resources by StudentCare and the labs were easy to access. It was just literally logging in to the site, pushing the button – and it’s all set up for you. It was really easy.”




Mike Jennings

Reason for enrolling

I was made redundant just before the pandemic hit and it was very difficult at that time to get back into my traditional career role of telecoms. So I was thinking of what I could do next and was also very conscious of my age and being a senior. I had been in telecoms for a long time but I hadn’t kept up to date with my qualifications and it just felt a bit stale, so this was a point where I needed to do something different. I was interested in Information Security and saw Learning People were promoting cyber security as an option for career progression, so I made contact.


I had no problems getting in touch with Studentcare.  If they couldn’t speak to me there and then I’d just leave a message and they got back to me quickly. 

Career Services

Working with Career Services was a real light bulb moment that I’d made the right decision to study with Learning People. Marisha was great,  I simply can’t fault the Career Services support, it was excellent. It was a great framework and the practical experience of CV and LinkedIn optimisation was invaluable for me, it really helped. My CV was a bit stagnant and wasn’t focused. Marisha really cut through all of that, told me what to do and transformed it completely. Career Services are excellent. 

The Results

Mike says:

“One of my big concerns was my age and if it was going to be time well spent embarking on a new career at a later time of life, but my career consultant put my mind at ease by letting me know what the opportunities there were now and what they would be like in the future. He also knew the best way for me to approach the training and the industry.

I used another provider some time ago to gain an entry level project management certification, but when I spoke with Learning People there were so many more additional benefits. The online learning management system and practice labs were a big draw and it seemed like Learning People had a very good idea on how I could start and then progress in the industry. Plus the Career Services support and links to industry were important to me as I was trying to break into a completely new sector. 

The learning platform was broken down into modules which helped me manage my time and check my progression and my goals. The labs were a real plus point too, when I started studying my IT knowledge was very theory based, so it was excellent to gain practical experience at the same time as learning new skills. 

I would say don’t hesitate in enrolling. The added benefits far outweigh any concerns that you might have in making the decision. There’s so much help and support to make sure you achieve your goals. I would advise people to embrace the support.  The courses are hard work but with all the guidance and the learning platform and the labs it really is a truly supported environment. You’d struggle to do it on your own so I think it’s well worth the investment.”




Daton Beckford

Reason for enrolling

I was looking to change my career and presumed I would have to go to University, but knew it would be expensive and time consuming. I knew I needed a certification to get into IT, but didn’t know which one. I was interested in cyber security but had no idea where to start.

So I did some research and the first company I found made me feel very pressured to enrol. But then someone on Facebook mentioned Learning People and I thought, let me have a look at their website and I was really impressed.

My initial career consultation call was very thorough. Learning People broke down all the different certifications and how they work. It left me feeling very impressed by what Learning People had to offer and how everything works. So it was a no-brainer that I had to enrol. 



I didn’t need to use StudentCare much, but when I needed any help or advice they were very efficient. They were great and I couldn’t fault them for when I needed anything. 

Career Services

The Career Services team were brilliant. Marisha really helped me a lot. Setting up my LinkedIn and CV. She always helped me prepare for interviews. But what was really good was how much she cared about me getting a job. It was a real human touch.

The Results

Daton says:

“Initially I found online learning quite tough as I’d never done it before. The content was great and I loved using the live labs. There were times when I didn’t want to watch or read anything, so I went into a live lab and I was able to get enjoyment and understanding of how a certain issue or process works and why it’s happening. 

Whenever I was stuck the course mentors could answer my questions in detail and provide helpful references in the books and videos. My tutors were instrumental in helping me to understand, they also gave me deadlines and healthy pressure to help me reach goals and enhance my understanding. 

If you’re eager and prepared to work hard to change your life I would definitely recommend Learning People. You just need to be committed to studying and changing your life, and if you are, go for it.”




Niall Morton

Reason for enrolling

I was fed up in my sales role and was unable to progress. I wanted a new challenge, it was perfect timing as not long after I started the training I lost my job due to covid and was already part-way through my studies.

I’d always enjoyed IT, so I knew I wanted to explore that area, but I had no idea what area of IT to go into.


I was able to get support when I needed it, they were quick at getting back to emails and were always helpful over the phone.

Career Services

Couldn’t say a bad word about the Career Services team, this was my favourite part of my process with Learning People. They were always there if you needed to prepare for an interview or go through your CV. They really helped boost my LinkedIn profile with the little tips they have.

The Results

Niall says:

“My career consultant was really understanding and patient with me and when I spoke with other providers, nothing else compared to the consultation I had with Learning People. She was knowledgeable about the industry, knew the job roles inside out, broke it down into simple terms so I could understand and matched me to a role that was best for me to move into.

She understood the exact path I needed to take to get me there. It was a no-brainer going with Learning people over the other providers. And I was able to view the learning platform and see the quality of the material before I enrolled.

Enrolling with Learning people enabled me to switch industries during covid. From travel to a service desk analyst. I would have been screwed if I hadn’t enrolled with them just before the pandemic!”




Paul Abel

Reason for enrolling

Like most people getting into Cyber security I wasn’t sure where to start and found it all a bit overwhelming.  I decided on using the Learning people as I wanted a UK based training platform where I could contact them if I had any problems and not wait for a time zone to come around.

I joined the Learning People with an aim to get myself into cybersecurity as it had been a passion of mine for most of my life.


For me, the support is what made it a good decision to take a package provider.  When you need help to book a test there is someone, when you need help because you are stuck on something like your CV there’s someone.  I wouldn’t have gotten that self studying.  And when you hit a setback in the journey and that imposter syndrome kicks in (trust me it gets all of us) there is someone to speak to.

Career Services

Let’s face it, how many of us can build a great CV from scratch. We’ve all just tweaked it over the years, but building it from scratch, that’s hard. Give the careers services team a call and they’re always willing to offer a helping hand.  Not sure what to be applying for or even how to play the interview game in the tech industry, sit in on one of their virtual seminars.

The Results

Paul says:

“Let’s not pretend that taking a course is a guarantee of a pass. You’re going to work hard to get what you want, but Learning People are that tour guide you could use to find your way through the labyrinth.  When you get out the other side you should have the basis to build on for a career in cybersecurity.

If you can sit and watch videos of cats playing keyboard online then you’ve got the necessary skill to learn from the videos Learning People provided.  It’s all there in video modules for you to watch.  What I liked about the experience was that it marked the time it would take you so you could easily plan out how many modules you could sit and watch that day or afternoon.  

They also provide live labs so you can practise what you had been watching the videos on, that day or week.  And if you just need a wind down during the evening, nothing too heavy, pick up one of the many free ebooks in the library.  I mean these things are £25 plus online to buy hardback so read away while you have access to them.

I have managed to secure my first role within cyber security as a “cybersecurity engineer” and am loving every day so far.  It’s nice to see all that knowledge come alive in front of you and put things you studied into practice.  It’s the job role / career I wanted for many years of my life and recent events of realising how short life can be gave me that push I needed to say it’s now or never – go do it.”