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Tech career advice


12 Oct

Learning People launch new Business Analyst Collection

Following our successful launch of the official Tech

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12 Oct

Learning People launch new BCS Business Analysis Certification

Learning People now provide the official BCS Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis within our...


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17 Sep

Introducing our career match tool

Learning People are thrilled to announce our latest educational partnersh...

Student supportTechCareer AdviceStudent Success

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01 May

Discover why now is the perfect time to get into tech

Explore how changing careers could see you enter a sustainable and secure industry filled with opportunity.


TechCareer Advice

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Tech career advice

At Learning People we’re able to provide meaningful tech career advice, not just because we live and breathe it, but because we’re partnered with the biggest and best certification bodies, trade associations, educational institutes and employers globally.

We also have more than a decade of experience in helping students determine the right industry for them, the correct educational requirements, a defined and achievable study plan, the correct level of study support, and career coaching from research stage to interview feedback.   

IT tech online courses

With a well earned reputation for being the biggest and the best tech educator globally, we have the widest range of IT tech online courses available – all of which are aligned to the latest certification standards and are delivered on our immersive online learning management system, which is exclusive to Learning People students. 

We provide insight to the most sought after certifications, their prerequisites, the time it takes to complete them, best examination prep,     

Project management tech jobs

Discover the latest trends in project management and tech jobs with up to the minute articles on our product launches, with insight to the exclusive certification training and skills that industry needs now and in the future. We also explain the differing approaches to a data driven world and how the many awarding bodies align their training to the global requirements. 

You’ll also find a wealth of information covering disruptive technologies and how the certification landscape is changing to accommodate this new tech’. 

You can learn how to take project management transferable skills and apply them to a role in tech and understand what the tech titles are and how you can realistically train up to deliver the work. Working as a project manager in technology doesn’t have to be hands-on or knee-deep in the tech itself – but you will need a top level understanding – all of which you’ll find right here in our tech articles.

Subscribe or bookmark this page for the best tech career advice and find the training and answers in IT and project management you’ve been looking for.  

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