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Published on:  01 May 2020

The pandemic has highlighted our need for technology both in a professional sense and within everyday personal interactions. How has this both impacted the tech industry and affected its career opportunities?

The impact of the pandemic on the tech industry

There is no denying that the coronavirus has resulted in a high level of job uncertainty. The Office of National Statistics has released the Business Impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) Survey (BICS) to show how each sector has been affected. 

The statistics showed a powerful insight into the impact of the virus on employment which shows that not only is the IT sector the most resilient to the virus, but also that IT pay is the highest as well. This underlines why so many people are switching to a career in tech where skills shortages are an on-going concern for employers.


Thank you to the independent think tank, Autonomy, for their excellent interpretation of statistics from the Office for National Statistics in the UK.

Staying connected

As people are asked to stay home, the ability to connect with family and friends far away becomes a priority. Telecommunications applications like Skype and Zoom are seeing an unprecedented impact. Eric S. Yuan Founder and CEO, Zoom stated To put this growth in context, as of the end of December last year, the maximum number of daily meeting participants, both free and paid, conducted on Zoom was approximately 10 million. In March this year, we reached more than 200 million daily meeting participants, both free and paid.”  

This rise in users has led to a strong need for IT support staff. Consumers require technical support to use online functions correctly. Tuan Vu, Service Management Consultant as TOPdesk reportsEveryone within an organisation should have access to a remote help desk in one form or another to enable them to continue working.”

The UK government backs the tech industry

The UK government has launched the Future Fund to support tech start ups during the coronavirus outbreak. This is going to offer them the support they need to keep operating as usual with the possibility of expanding. 

This boost for the tech sector will open up great career opportunities for all professionals with the relevant skills. Individuals with coding skills in particular are going to take a key role in developing and maintaining software and applications.

Digital transformation

In order to maintain operations as smoothly and safely as possible, companies have had to adapt. This includes altering their digital strategy. Retailers have had to close and rely solely on online sales and restaurants have found the need to offer delivery services via relevant applications; technology has been the most efficient solution for many. 

Companies will need someone to plan, implement and monitor their digital strategy. Becoming a digital project manager will put you in demand. You will be able to minimise risk, identify efficient routes and enable companies to maintain productivity.

Cyber security

With more people going online we have seen a rise in cyber attacks, and hackers have taken advantage of the situation. Researchers at leading IT security firm, Barracuda have found that the number of COVID-19 related phishing attacks have increased by 667% since the end of February. 

Businesses rely on their networks being secure meaning cyber security continues to be a lucrative and ‘redundancy proof’ career pathway. Cyber security professionals have the ability to save companies a lot of time and money. Training to become an ethical hacker ensures you have the right skills to implement the relevant security strategies, to prevent cyber attacks, that organisations are desperate for.whygetintotech

Hear from a careers expert

We held a careers webinar with industry experts to help share some tech insights and how to approach the job market during the current climate.

When asked about a career change into the tech industry, Emma Gallagher the Senior Talent Acquisition manager at BeyondTrust shared: “If you keep learning you will eventually find that right opportunity and you’ll be able to really forge a career in tech.”

Chris Pearcy, Talent Acquisition manager at AO added “If you haven’t got the relevant employment experience, you will still have experience of some sort. Whether it’s from the course that you have been doing with Learning People or anything similar. Talk about what you’ve been learning, what you’ve enjoyed about learning it.”

Where should you start your career in tech?

Industry research is very important. You should be looking into what tech opportunities are going to suit you and your career goals. We always stress the importance of making an informed decision when it comes to enrolling someone onto our online training. 

Take advantage of our careers consultations by asking any questions you have and we will be happy to share helpful resources to clear up any uncertainty. 

Our courses are specially selected to equip you with the skills employers are looking for. By connecting with industry leaders, we have over 10 years experience getting over 25,000+ students into their ideal role in tech. 

Online learning in tech made even more accessible

We are making a £1 million Online Learning Grant available to help more people, of all skill levels, benefit from a career in the technology sector. This investment will be used as a contribution towards tuition fees.

While we are prioritising grant funding to those who have been impacted by COVID-19, the Online Learning Grant is broadly available to all new enrolments. Available until the end of June, you can speak to a career consultant for more information.