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EC-Council's Certified Ethical Hacker and Certified Security Analyst courses accredited by GCHQ

Top British intelligence agency, GCHQ, has granted the highly-respected GCT (GCHQ Certified Training) accreditation to the globally renowned Certified Ethical Hacker and Certified Security Analyst programs issued by our exclusive partners, EC-Council.

In order to be awarded the GCT accreditation GCHQ, the courses were assessed across the board from the training course material to the course administration. Both the CEH and ECSA are compliant with the new NICE 2.0, CREST, and IISP skills frameworks, in addition to ECSA’s all-inclusive step-by-step penetration testing methodologies from ISO 27001, OSSTMM, and NIST Standards. 


“This has resulted in setting a benchmark of excellence, which gives our customers even more confidence in the quality of our certification.”

Jay Bavisi, Co-Founder & President, EC-Council

The GCT accreditation is an initiative that resonates strongly with us; to reduce the cyber security skills shortage the world is currently facing. The ISACA has predicted that there will be a global-wide shortage of 2 million cyber security professionals by next year, yet businesses are more aware than ever of the importance of cyber security; we guess the saying ‘you can’t get the staff these days’ is too relevant for them.

The recognition of trust by GCHQ reiterates why we partnered with EC-Council; they offer the best in cyber security and it’s important to us that our students have access to nothing less. 

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You can read more about EC-Councils incredible GCT accreditation here.