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The top Blockchain jobs you need to know about

Heard of innovative new cryptocurrency, Bitcoin? Of course you have. And long before its days of whipping the financial world up into a frenzy, it found its legs thanks to Blockchain technology. So how can you become a Blockchain professional and who’s hiring?

Providing companies with a secure and reliable way to keep key business records, it isn’t just the tech industries that want a slice of the Blockchain pie. In fact, from banking and healthcare to fashion and food safety, businesses all around the globe can benefit from revolutionary Blockchain technology.

A report put together by CompTIA in October 2017 found that when it comes to its adoption, 16% of companies surveyed had already purchased Blockchain-enabled tools, 22% were using Blockchain to develop tools and a further 24% said they were exploring the technology.

The report further stated that as Blockchain is not an item that will be sold directly its market impact is a tricky one to work out. But the estimations for future Blockchain-related revenue sit between $10 billion to $20 billion in the 2024-2025, identifying that it is roughly 5-10 years away from mass adoption.

Blockchain jobs


Top Blockchain jobs

Even though Blockchain appears to be still in the process of taking its first steps into the industry, it’s already creating jobs aplenty across a multitude of businesses. With key statistics from job recruitment company Indeed.com showing that this really is Blockchains time to shine.

So much so in fact, that 15 out of the 18 most popular industry jobs specifically dropping the term “cryptocurrency” into their descriptions. And whilst more recent statistics highlight a slight drop in the interest in Blockchains capabilities, employer interest in these types of jobs is still high. These jobs include:

Blockchain intern/entry level position

Yes, really, such a role exists. By looking into the knowledge and industry trends of cryptocurrency and researching companies that already provide Blockchain technologies, you can help to gain further insight into this area. You might even start putting together some process documentation.

To set foot into this entry-level role, a degree in computer science or information technology is usually all you’ll need but it can’t hurt to get a bit of background. And the Certified Blockchain Professional course could well be the thing that sets you apart from your other junior competitors.

Blockchain developer

Relying heavily on a knowledge of computer science and an understanding of different programming languages, from C, C++, SQL and Python, a Blockchain developer is probably one of the most sought-after positions in the field today.

This is largely due to most industries, from financial services and tech to governments, all sourcing out ways in which Blockchain can be of better use to their customers. But the crucial things these companies need are platforms and programs, and who are these created by? That’s right. Blockchain developers.

Blockchain project manager

With Blockchain-based projects being undertaken across multiple industries, they’ll be seeking out Blockchain project managers, right? Right.

From banking and insurance to ‘The Internet of Things’, this type of technology, along with Cryptocurrencies, are focusing on new ways to accomplish tasks and carry out business. And people will always be needed to do such things.

A project manager who can use this type of technology will be able to provide solutions to a whole host of problematic domains for which they are responsible. Setting out objectives and purpose for a project, this role will focus on project lifecycle.

Blockchain web designer

When looking to launch Blockchains, it is usually the case that startups will include the use of Cryptocurrencies. In this capacity, there a much bigger need for websites to let their customers know just what offerings the company has. This is where a web designer comes in, with unique concepts and super original user interfaces.

An understanding of Blockchain technology will be a key component in this type of role, as will be the knowledge of tradeoffs between different platforms. For example Ethereum and Monax.

learning new2

Getting your brain into Blockchain

So how do you equip yourself with the necessary skills to undertake one of these top roles? The Certified Blockchain Professional course is a great place to start. If you just cannot wait to wrap your mind around Blockchain technology and look at ways in which to apply this in the real world, this course really was made for you. Why?

Created by the IIB Council, this particular course is designed to be a combination of technical insight and hands-on experience. You’ll learn the fundamentals of Blockchain, soak in the knowledge of the mechanisms behind cryptocurrencies and be exposed to multiple implementation concepts.

What’s more is you’ll be totally ahead of the curve as this certification is the very first of its kind that not only recognises an individual’s accumulated skills in developing Blockchain technology but of implementing this in alignment with organisational goals. And there isn’t anything more valuable to employers than that.

In fact, becoming a certified Blockchain professional is one surefire way to take advantage of the many business opportunities just crying out for experts experimenting with this new type of technology.

And in a world of ultra digitisation, and with more and more of our assets becoming digitised, this paves the way for hackers to come along and try to steal them. By equipping yourself with the necessary Blockchain technology skills, you’ll be in a better position to help companies take back control and keep their digital worlds expanding in the right way.

Not to mention, you can gain some pretty great job prospects and make some serious money.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today and find out all you need to know about Blockchain technology and start working your way towards one of these top jobs.