Change Manager

Uncover the art of aiding businesses to adapt to change, and develop in-demand skills for a rewarding career pathway.

How to begin your career in Change Management

Undergoing change management training and obtaining your certification can lead to a lucrative career within multiple industries. To become an effective change manager, you'll learn the principles, processes, and frameworks used when implementing organisational change. This includes the ADKAR model or Prosci® methodology. You'll also need to develop leadership skills for effective change initiatives, be able to analyse change impact, as well as master communication, engagement, and implementation.

Change Management

What does a career in Change Management look like?

Starting your career in Change Management

​​A career in change management offers diverse opportunities and the potential for growth. Change management professionals are crucial in helping organisations navigate and implement successful transformations and there are a range of pathways to consider. 

As a Change Management Specialist/Consultant you will be conducting assessments, devising strategies, and guiding implementation. Change Management Analysts gather and analyse data, tracking progress and preparing reports. Change Managers oversee initiatives, coordinate resources, and ensure alignment with goals. Organisational Development (OD) Specialists focus on enhancing effectiveness and culture. Change Management Leaders/Directors provide strategic direction, leading teams and implementing strategies. Internal Change Management Trainers/Coaches educate and support employees, designing training and fostering a change-ready culture.  

From specialist roles to leadership positions, the field offers high opportunities for growth driving successful organisational change and development. 

Is a career in Change Management right for me?

Change Management skills

Change management training offers many benefits for individuals and organisations, such as improved skills, including methodologies and best practices, and enhancing the ability to lead and manage change effectively. It also develops leadership qualities like communication and stakeholder engagement, leading to increased success rates, better employee engagement, and enhanced organisational resilience in the face of challenges and uncertainties. 


  • Key attributes of a Change Manager include:
    High organisational skills
    Strong communication skills and liaising between teams
    Excellent interpersonal skills and relationship-building
    Problem-solving abilities
    Effective leadership qualities
    An analytical and strategic mindset

Change Manager responsibilities

  • Key responsibilities of a Change Manager include:
    Mapping out change strategy
    Tracking project objectives
    Coordinating key stakeholders
    Drive adoption of new technologies
    Reporting on change progress
    Maximise organisational adjustments to change


With change management training, you’ll be responsible for supporting an organisation through a period of transformation. As a change manager, you will ensure that the transition goes smoothly and that everyone involved is fully supported.

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How do I become a Change Manager?

Qualifications needed to start your career in Change Management

By getting certified, you’ll be equipped with all the tools you need to succeed in change management. We offer dedicated training packages based on your skills and experience. Stand out above other candidates with our globally respected courses.

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Does a career in Change Management sound right for you?

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You can earn an average of £44,800.00 a year

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