Data Scientist

Data science professionals are highly sought after, helping businesses make informed decisions. Get started today with an internationally recognised qualification in this enriching industry.

How to become a Data Scientist

Whether you're an experienced data application professional with Python skills, or you're just starting out in data science, there are numerous choices and starting points to consider. Through this Skillsoft training, you can chart your professional path to becoming a data scientist, gaining practical experience through data analysis, machine learning, and data visualisation projects. With the specialised and right certifications under your belt, you will be able to provide the skills and knowledge employers demand.

Data Science

What does a career in Data Science look like?

Starting your career in Data Science

A career in data science is an exciting field for those interested in statistics, mathematics, and programming. Data scientists use their skills to extract insights and make data-driven decisions for organisations. They analyse large data sets to uncover patterns, develop models, and interpret results to solve complex problems. As data continues to grow in volume and importance in the business world, demand for data scientists is rapidly increasing.  

This career offers variety, as data scientists may work on analytics, machine learning, data mining, predictive modelling, and more. There is also room for huge career development, as experienced data scientists may take on leadership positions or move into more specialised roles. A career in data science promises continuous learning and significant influence within an organisation through leveraging data. 

Is a career in Data Science right for me?

Data Science skills

A data scientist will possess a combination of technical and analytical thinking with a predisposition towards mathematical and statistical concepts. Education, practical experience, and continuous learning can help individuals develop and enhance these skills over time. A strong willingness to learn is crucial with new techniques and technologies emerging frequently. 


  • Key attributes of a Data Scientist include:
    Strong analytical skills
    Programming proficiency
    Communicating complex findings effectively
    Understanding of mathematics and statistics
    Detail oriented
    Technical aptitude
    Domain knowledge

Data Scientists responsibilities

  • Key responsibilities of Data Scientist include
    Analysing large datasets
    Data wrangling
    Data ops
    Data Science
    Data science strategy
    Reporting and extracting insights from data

The responsibilities of a Data Scientist will vary depending on the role within an organisation or chosen specialism, especially as these roles are non-sector specific. However, a successful data scientist possesses some combination of analytical thinking, storytelling ability, problem-solving skills, and a natural curiosity about data. 

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How do I become a Data Scientist?

Qualifications needed to become a Data Scientist

To become a qualified data scientist, you will need to start with a strong foundation and relevant training. In one of the world's most competitive sectors, our Career Consultants will ensure you are job ready at every step of the way.  

The path to becoming a data scientist has been professionally mapped by Skillsoft. By undertaking these certifications, you can gain the skills and knowledge that employers demand and outshine your competition.


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Does a career in Data Science sound right for you?

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You can earn an average of £59,000.000 a year

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