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Meet Learning People student Rory. Rory transitioned from being a teacher to a data science professional during the pandemic. With support and guidance from our 360 Career Services team, Rory managed to land his first role in the industry before completing his courses.

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What does a career in data science look like?Is data science right for me?How do I become a data scientist?

Become a data scientist

Data scientists extract knowledge and insight from both structured and unstructured data.  

By using advanced analytics and working through scientific processes, a data scientist will help organisations uncover buried information. This cleansed and validated data can then be turned into actionable insights for business opportunities.

Tech giants all utilise data science to create algorithms, improve customer satisfaction and maximize profits.

Key responsibilities in a data science role:

Analysing data

Data wrangling

Data ops

Data science

Data science strategy


LinkedIn has shown a 650% increase in data science jobs since 2012, and according to IBM the demand is outstripping the supply globally – and will continue to do so for many years to come.

*The average data scientist salary is £55,000+, which is 67% above the national average.

The required attributes for being a data scientist are having good analytical skills, storytelling ability, being a problem solver and naturally curious about data and its uses. 

With companies and organisations becoming increasingly data-driven, the working options for data scientists are extremely diverse. The role is non sector specific, with demand growing across healthcare, media & entertainment, retail, telecommunications, and automotive to name but a few. 

*Source: Adzuna

The path for becoming a data scientist has been professionally mapped by Skillsoft.

Whether you have a professional background in data applications with a working knowledge of python, or beginning your journey in data science, there are numerous options and starting points that can cater for most levels of experience. 

Our Career Consultants will help guide you on your journey, making sure you are fully equipped to be job ready in one of the worlds most sought after tech sectors. 

Recommended courses:

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Data Scientist
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Data Science Manager
Source: Adzuna


You can earn an average of £66,500.00 a year

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