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Andrew studied our full stack development course which gave him a valuable insight into multiple coding languages, including back-end software development.

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Software development is the process where programming language is used to create software

Software development involves the planning, programming and deployment of software applications. You’ll find software on all computers and electronics; it tells the computer how to work, and a developer’s role is to programme the software to do so.

A career in software development means learning some of the world’s most popular software programming languages such as Python, Java and C. Software developers often start learning many languages before specialising in just one.

The top programming language is JavaScript, whilst Python is the fastest growing

Learning to code is like learning another language, and software developers are often already skilled in computer science. 

A natural software developer exhibits curiosity, possesses clear thinking skills, good communication ability, high reading speeds, close comprehension, pays attention to detail, is quick to learn, is passionate and can be a self learner.

Software developers can work for themselves, for an agency or in-house at some of the top tech companies like Netflix or Google.

A software developer can earn an average salary of £47,000

Getting certified is the first step towards a career in software development. With online learning, you can study each programming language, and put together your own portfolio to showcase the skills you’re learning. 

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Trainee Software Developer
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Senior Java Software Developer
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You can earn an average of £46,750.00 a year

There is particular pressure in areas like front-end web development, analytics, data science and cyber security due to the current tech skills gap

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