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Gain an understanding of a wide range of interrelated topics such as working with complex data types or hashing and encryption algorithms.

Why choose Python?

Open up new opportunities by learning or developing your knowledge of Python. 

This course is the perfect choice for someone with minimal web development experience and is a proven popular choice among beginners due to the simplicity of its coding language.

The course promises to lead you from the fundamentals of understanding the language to such heights as wrangling excel data with Python. You will learn to use Python for web programming and front-end projects as well as automated testing strategies and binary trees.

The course path will ensure you reach the level of pythonista, no matter your experience.

OverviewWhat you'll learnWhat's included

Course guide

The key facts about your online training

Certification: Python

Study time: 110 hours

Vendor: Skillsoft

Provider: Skillsoft

Student support: StudentCare™, Career Services and expert mentoring 

Prerequisites: None

Assessment:  4 x exams

Resources: Internet access and email

Ideal for: Aspiring web developer, Python developer, data scientist or web administrator, back end developer, data analyst, business analyst.

Included in your modules

Essential skills for your career

Track 1 - Python Novice
Track 2 - Python Apprentice
Track 3 - Python Journeyman
Track 4 - Pythonista

Develop a skill the Learning People way

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Unrivalled and immersive learning platform
12 months unlimited access
24x7 technical support
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Award winning training used globally by leading corporate clients
Expert mentors
Access to practice labs

Salary Indicator

Salary Projection

Average salary after completing

Average Salary
Python Developer
Average Salary
You can earn
Average Salary
Python Software Architect
Source: Adzuna


You can earn an average of £88,750.00 a year

Path to mastery

Students will gain an understanding of a wide range of interrelated topics such as working with complex data types or hashing and encryption algorithms, allowing them to further their understanding and be able to offer useful contributions to a business in a functional and productive way.

Skill Development

Allow students to apply concepts and build algorithms with assessments and hands-on practice labs - done virtually on real equipment/applications - so each learner can demonstrate their knowledge and applicability of the material covered.

Get Ahead

An understanding and cultivation of a common Python nomenclature allows programmers to increase the scope of their work and begin contributing to larger applications. Speed up time to project involvement and peel away from the competition by delivering better products and services, faster.