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Skillsoft has more than 140 million users and is trusted by the world's leading tech organisations including 71% of the Fortune 500

Discover the World's #1 Learning Management System

How can Skillsoft help your career progression: 

Skillsoft are world leaders in digital educational content. Founded in 1998, their belief is that every person has the potential to be amazing. Their digital educational platform comprises of the most in demand tech courses and is constantly updated to be aligned with the most recent certification standards.

Learning People have been officially partnered with Skillsoft since our inception in 2010 – and we continue to be the only digital school in the UK and Ireland to provide the Skillsoft learning management system to students.

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Software Testing Collection

Get career ready as a software testing professional with our expertly curated pathway of software testing training

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Software Tester to DevOps Automated Tester

Learn how to find and fix bugs using automation tools, frameworks, and scripts up to the standard of DevOps Automated Tester

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Automated Testing with Selenium

Take a deep dive into automated software testing using Selenium

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Full-stack PLUS

Full-stack PLUS provides a fully supported solution for anyone wanting to enter the world of professional front and back-end development from scratch

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Front-end PLUS

Front-end PLUS is a fully supported ‘novice to job-ready’ training solution for your career in coding – only available to Learning People students

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Blockchain Collection

The Blockchain Collection teaches students the expert standards of Python coding, Blockchain App Development, solutions architect skills + job ready Blockchain implementation.

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Application Developer to Blockchain Solutions Architect

Learn the industry aligned skills to become a Blockchain Solutions Architect. 

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Full Stack Pro Collection

The Full Stack Pro Collection teaches students the critical foundations up to the professional standards of software development

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Java Novice to Javanista

Learn how to write Java programs from scratch and build applications, games, and tools as a professional.

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Agile for software development

Learn the critical skills and knowledge required to embrace and deploy an Agile mindset

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Business Analyst Collection

These courses will provide you with the key data analysis skills of data manipulation, visualisation, and validation.

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Skillsoft Business Analyst to Data Analyst Aspire Pathway

Developed by subject matter experts to guide you through the transition from business analyst to data analyst.

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Back End Development

Back End Development is about bringing your websites and applications to life, and through this training, you will learn skills in Python, Django, NodeJS and MySQL.

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Data Analyst to Data Scientist Aspire Pathway

Meet the demand for data professionals and unlock incredible opportunities with this dedicated data science learning pathway.

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Soft Skills collection

A collection of the 3 dedicated learning pathways to develop the most valuable soft skills to support your career.

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Soft Skills Microsoft Office

Discover Microsoft Office programmes as part of our Soft Skills collection. Boost your employability or improve your performance at work.

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Soft Skills Personal Development

Explore the soft skills that you should continue to develop in your career. This learning pathway is crucial for every professional regardless of industry.

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Soft Skills Business Skills

Improve your soft skills with our Business Skills learning pathway. Learn how it takes more than technical skills to become a successful professional.

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Soft Skills Career Development

Discover our soft skills learning pathways beginning with Career Development. Boost your career with skills employers are looking for.

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This course is for those new to coding and will teach you the power and application of the widely used programming language, Python. This is the perfect stepping stone to becoming a Python developer or data scientist.

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