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Project Management Virtual Seminars

Watch past virtual seminars on demand and discover how to kickstart your career in project management

The power of project management certifications in 2022

12 January

Meet our graduate Charlotte, a career changer, who moved from the hospitality industry to a role as a Project Coordinator. She discusses how becoming PRINCE2® certified has helped further her career and her advice to anyone looking to enter the industry.

What it's really like to work in project management

8 December

Meet our graduate Nick who, after getting certified with us, secured a role as a Project Support Officer. He has since gone on to become a Portfolio Analyst at the Office of National Statistics. In this virtual seminar, he discusses his career change, what his current role involves and his advice to anyone looking to enter the industry.

Careers in project management - an FAQ session

10 November

Got a question about careers in project management? Check out our recent virtual seminar, to find out why now is the best time to get certified in project management and discover how you can get hired with project management certifications.

How to start a career in project management

13 October

In this session, we speak to Learning People students Michelle and Bhavini. Michelle has used her experience and transferrable skills in the creative arts and teaching, alongside her new certifications to kickstart her new career in project management. Bhavini has started her career in project management after getting certified with us and is looking forward to continuing her studies and climbing the career ladder.

Post-Pandemic Project Management

8 September

What does the world of project management look like post-pandemic? We speak to PMP James about the state of the industry, how getting certified helped him secure his new role as a project manager, and his advice for anyone looking to get into the industry.

Women in Project Management

11 August

What does it take for a woman to succeed in project management? In this virtual seminar, we meet three of our project management graduates, now experts in the industry, to discuss how to get into project management and succeed as a woman.

The Power of Project Management certifications

17 July

What value do certifications hold in the project management industry? The PRINCE2® and PMI certifications are globally recognised by employers across every industry. Meet Learning People graduate Mary as she explores her career success to date, and how getting certified in project management has helped her climb the career ladder.

Careers in project management with student Darren

15 June

Darren has recently become PMP certified and discusses his experience studying with us. He explores the benefits of digital education, its flexibility, value for money, as well as the power of certifications and the benefits they hold.

Careers in project management with student Adele

18 May

Meet student Adele who is now PMP certified. In this virtual seminar, she discusses her career journey to date, the benefits of getting certified and her advice for future students.

Careers in project management with student Mark Thompson

21 April

Meet student Mark who has worked closely with Learning People to gain his project management certifications. Discover why he decided to get certified, how he used his transferrable skills from previous roles in retail, and his career goals moving forward.

Careers in project management with students Tom Bigg and Rory McGuire

3 March

Find out about Tom and Rory’s career journey so far and why they chose to get certified in project management.

Careers in project management with student Louise Peters

20 January

Hear from former Learning People student Louise who is now working as a Project Coordinator. She’ll discuss the benefits of getting certified and how she secured a role during the pandemic. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn more about our online project management courses and the state of the project management industry today.

Careers in project management with students Marie Larkin and Heather Cluney

24 November

In this webinar, we speak to students Heather and Marie who discuss their different journeys into project management through getting certified with Learning People and working closely with our Career Services team. Heather was a complete career changer, moving from hospitality to working at a national biscuit brand as a project manager. Marie decided to upskill in project management, confirming her existing experience and earning her a more senior role in the industry.

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