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How to break into IT project management

Technology has transformed our lives and the world of business. Keeping up with the pace of technological change can be notoriously tricky. But failing to evolve with the digital landscape could help a brand become the next Kodak, Toys R Us, or Blockbuster. As a result, business competitors in every industry are trying to move faster to meet the rapid expectations of their customers and their insatiable desire for near-instant gratification.

The IT industry has come a long way from the days of merely supplying new employees with a computer, internet access, and being seen as the guardians of the corporate network. In a digital age, IT service management plays a crucial role in helping organisations become more innovative and delivers business-critical projects from concept to completion.

The never-ending list of new tech products and services required across every department is a timely reminder that digital transformation efforts are a continuous journey rather than a destination. The unprecedented growth for new projects has created a massive demand for IT project managers who possess technical expertise, people management skills, and business awareness.

How to break into IT project management


What does an IT project manager do?

From the moment a business stakeholder raises a problem and tech-based solution, it will be the IT Project manager who takes on the responsibility of creating an actionable plan and ensures it runs smoothly. They can be found carefully navigating around or in some cases breaking through any potential blockers along the way, all while eliminating risk. Most importantly, they are tasked with ensuring the project meets the requirements, generates business value, and deliver the project on time.

IT project managers also need to speak two completely different languages when communicating with non-technical stakeholders and discussing intricate technical details with IT teams. Project managers will also be very comfortable pivoting between team leader, co-worker, supervisor, and go-to person for almost any problem that arises during the lifecycle project.

If you consider yourself a goal-oriented problem solver and people person looking for a role where no two days are the same, you will thrive in IT project management. There are few better feelings than seeing a project through from idea to completion and making a real impact across an organisation.


How much does an IT project manager earn?

IT Project management is now a fundamental part of every business across industries worldwide, making it perfect for anyone beginning their career or seeking a career change. One of the most attractive features for candidates is the above-average salaries and career progression opportunities. For example, IT project managers can seamlessly switch industries and even countries throughout their careers.

Finding people who possess the ability to tailor their communications to their audience can be notoriously tricky for recruiters. But understanding this unique requirement is creating a wealth of opportunities for anyone wanting to enter a career as an IT project manager. For example, entry roles in IT project management typically begin at £30,000 and can progress to more than £100,000 as a Digital Project manager. 

However, it’s not all about the excellent salary. You will be interacting with people from diverse backgrounds every day, and there is usually the flexibility to work from home when you need a little extra focus. In addition, seeing a plan you developed from the beginning and coming together to deliver value provides job satisfaction. You’ll also become a highly sought-after IT professional who will be in demand for other lucrative roles in the industry.


What is the best IT project management certification?

The PMI predicts we will see a global demand for over 15 million IT project managers in the next few years. So, whether you are looking to start a new career or progress in your current role, there are many options around IT project management certification that  can help you land your dream project management role. 

IT project management certification is perfect for beginners as many courses do not require any prerequisites. For example, the ITIL® Foundation certification will introduce you to the concepts and terminology used in the ITIL® service lifecycle, focusing on the critical alignment of IT and business strategies. It also enables you to learn the impact of technology on a business.

Once you are familiar with the universal language used by IT teams worldwide, the PRINCE2® Foundation will provide you with introductory knowledge of the PRINCE2® methodologies and teach you how to improve a project. With a Prince2 qualification, you can prepare for a new career in IT project management with an average salary of £37,950 a year. But this is only the beginning of your career in IT.


Getting started with agile project management 

The speed of technological change means that businesses must increase their development speed, expand collaboration and innovation efforts to respond quickly to market trends. Agile project management methods improve software development projects’ management by focusing on continuous releases and incorporating customer feedback with every iteration.

By becoming an Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP), you will unlock the ability to demonstrate how you’ve increased your professional versatility through a range of agile tools and techniques. You will quickly stand out from the crowd by showcasing your experience using agile approaches and leveraging your collaborative skills.

However, the combination of agile training, experience working on agile projects, and examination of agile principles, practises, tools, and techniques bring this IT Project Management Certification to life. It’s also essential for anyone working in an organisation that has adopted the agile methodology in their projects.


Improve Your Current Career or Career Aspirations

Whether you’re new to project management or changing careers, the Certified Associate Project Management (CAPM) certification can improve your current career or career aspirations. It also helps students apply their skills to practical on-the-job experiences. It’s also a great way to demonstrate your development and growth in your understanding of project management.

As you advance in your career and begin exploring how to develop your project management skills or learn more about the project lifecycle, you can progress onto the CompTIA Project+ certification. The course will help you enhance your project management skills across every project stage, from project selection and initiation to scope, schedule, and cost planning. It will also help you improve risk planning, communication, and documentation.

Project Management Professional (PMP) empowers experienced project managers to enhance their skills to stand out to employers and maximise their earning potential. As a result, employers globally recognise the IT project management certification. It also demonstrates that you possess the expert knowledge, experience, and skills to take projects from inception to fruition.

With thousands of hours of experience in an organisation, your aspirations naturally grow. A PMP certification will keep you on the path of continual learning to unlock new opportunities. As a certified PMP, you will be recognised as a speaker of the global language of project management. Your imagination is the only limit to your career opportunities. You will have the ability to confidently work in any industry and apply any methodology in any location as you work towards the dream goal of achieving a six-figure salary. But where do you begin?

Choosing the best IT project management certification will depend entirely on where you are in your career. However, obtaining ITIL® Foundation and PRINCE2® Foundation is a great starting point to empower anyone to secure an entry-level project management role without any prerequisites.

Out in the field, you will quickly earn your stripes and hone your skills. How you manage resources, communication, negotiations, and risk can only be learned through experience. This is where you build your project management knowledge and skills. But as you grow in confidence, the path ahead will become much clearer as you look to unlock roles such as senior project manager and director roles on your IT project manager career path.


How to break into IT project management

How Technology Has Changed Project Management

Over the last decade, technology has transformed our lifestyle and how organisations across every industry conduct business. Automation and data-driven decision-making mean that every employee needs to think about how they can adapt to these changes. While upskilling is crucial for entry-level project managers who are serious about climbing the promotional ladder, it is also for project managers (PM) to stay one step ahead of the learning curve by  keeping up with the latest digital innovations.

With the rise of ITIL and cloud computing in businesses worldwide, every IT professional needs to increase their knowledge around enterprise IT management’s standard principles. In addition, ITIL-trained project managers can help boost efficiency in executing their tech projects and deliver enhanced IT-related services to their clients.

In the same way that ITIL provides a globally accepted IT management standard, PMBOK is the accredited guide for Project Management. These detailed frameworks help project managers focus on the best tools, processes, and methodologies to deliver projects successfully and efficiently. For these reasons alone, the globally recognised ITIL, PMP, and Prince2 certifications are a great starting point for project managers.


A good IT project manager will require both an understanding of technology and IT processes, but they will also bring business awareness to the table. IT project management certifications not only help you obtain new skills and industry knowledge, but they also look great on your CV. So, if you break into project management or take your career to the next level, contact our team, who will be happy to advise you on the best course for you.