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The top benefits of a career in cloud computing

Gone are the days of clunky hard drives. Cloud computing has revolutionised the way information and programs are stored. But what exactly is cloud computing? And why should you work in it?

In this article, we discuss the top benefits of a career in cloud computing and explore the different roles available. Find out why cloud computing is an industry you can’t ignore.

Read on to discover if a career in cloud computing could be the opportunity you have been waiting for.

Learning People | Cloud professional working on laptop

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is the practice of accessing programs and saving data on the internet, rather than on a computer’s hard drive. Outsourcing software, data and processing to secure data centres online frees up processing power on individual computers. 

Cloud computing makes collaboration much easier. There’s no need for a team to be in the same location to work together. All a group of users need is an internet connection to log into a common platform where changes are saved in one place: the cloud. 

The growth of SaaS

The shift away from traditional software and storage solutions has been led by the rise of SaaS (software as a service). The SaaS market has exploded since being proven as a business model in the 2000’s by Salesforce. 

SaaS is a type of cloud computing service. Before SaaS emerged, companies paid vendors for a software licence. And the software they had purchased was installed on their local server. 

SaaS companies scrapped the old way of doing things. Instead, they allow users to access software which is stored centrally, in the cloud. Access is made for by monthly subscriptions. 

Not having to produce a physical software product makes SaaS more profitable than traditional software models. Which explains why SaaS start-ups are blossoming.

Now, SaaS — and the cloud — is everywhere. Thanks to SaaS giant Netflix, we even watch TV in the cloud. And the global SaaS market is set to grow even further. Experts predict that the SaaS market will be worth an enormous $623 billion by the year 2023. 

Why work in cloud computing?

Could a career in cloud computing be right for you? Find out as we explore five benefits of working in the industry:

1. Competitive salaries

As the industry continues to grow, cloud computing skills are highly sought after by employers. This high demand has resulted in a large skills gap, meaning roles in cloud computing also have impressively high salaries.

The average salary for a role in cloud computing is currently an impressive £62,500. This is based on cloud computing role data being advertised in the UK. 

2. Many ways to progress

Cloud computing offers a multitude of career paths. If you are ambitious and want to progress, you have lots of options. 

There are many roles to choose from, including cloud developer, engineer, or security professional. And, because the sector is new and growing, it’s not top heavy. In time you could step into a leadership role if that’s your ambition. 

3. Growing sector

Keen to make sure you’re staying relevant with the most up to date skills? Upskilling in cloud computing is a smart choice.

The sector is growing rapidly, with companies spending more on cloud computing each year. Experts predict that global spending on cloud computing will grow from $229 billion in 2019 to nearly $500 billion in 2023.

As spending increases, more cloud computing professionals will be needed to keep up with demand. Choosing to specialise in cloud computing means your skills won’t go out of fashion. 

4. High impact 

Looking for a role where you can make a big impact? Cloud computing should be top of your list. The growth of cloud computing is completely changing the face of IT. 

In a report for Forrester, its Vice President, Dave Bartoletti, describes the enormous impact cloud is having:

“The cloud computing juggernaut has fueled digital transformation like no other technology disruption before it. Not only have public cloud platforms completely changed how companies of all sizes consume technology; the leading global megaclouds continue to innovate at breakneck speed.”

5. Secure job

The cloud is here to stay. Cloud services have rapidly reached mainstream usage. The cloud has become the preferred way to deliver software solutions.

Companies big and small rely on cloud services to access the software they need to function. Those with the skills to succeed in cloud computing will remain highly employable. 

Joining this vital, growing area of IT means you’re likely to experience job security in the long-term.

Learning People | Cloud professional smiling in office

Roles in cloud computing

Excited by the prospect of a career in cloud computing? Let’s explore the types of roles on offer so you can start planning your career success.

Cloud administrator

Cloud administrators helps to maintain the cloud systems an organisation is using. They use problem solving skills to troubleshoot when problems occur and ensure that the cloud systems continue to meet the needs of the business. 

Cloud developer

A cloud software developer designs and develops software applications that are deployed through the cloud. Their role is similar to that of a software developer. But the products they produce run on virtual systems.

Cloud architect

Cloud architects help businesses plan, set up and manage their cloud architecture. They help businesses identify the right combination of cloud based services to meet their needs. And set up the architecture needed to support these. 

Being a cloud architect involves working with front end platforms, servers, networks and storage. 

Cloud security professional 

Cloud security professionals help to protect a company’s data from cybercrime. They work hard to understand the latest cyber threats affecting the cloud and innovate solutions to make the cloud more secure. 

Which qualifications will boost your employability?

Keen on a career in cloud computing? You’ll need to to know which qualifications employers look for. Here are three that will get your CV noticed:

CompTIA Cloud+

The CompTIA Cloud+ will teach you how to securely implement and maintain cloud technologies. Certified by the leading IT trade association, CompTIA Cloud+ is a globally recognised qualification. A must-have for budding cloud computing professionals.

CCSP | Certified Cloud Security Professional

Looking to progress as a cloud security professional? The Certified Cloud Security Professional qualification should be top of your list. 

The industry’s premier cloud security qualification, this course offers essential learning for ambitious cloud security professionals. It teaches you advanced technical skills to take your career in cloud security to the next level. 

Amazon Web Services – AWS – Solution Architect Associate

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most broadly adopted cloud computing platform. And the AWS Solution Architect Associate certificate offers advanced training in the platform. 

As AWS is so commonly used, specialising in this platform is a smart way to boost your employability.

How Learning People can help

Eager to get certified in cloud computing? Our online courses offer a flexible way to earn the qualifications cloud computing employers look for. Online learning allows you to upskill from anywhere, at a pace that suits you.

We have created a bespoke collection of cloud computing courses to set you up for career success. Our cloud collection includes the CompTIA Cloud+, CCSP and AWS Solution Architect Associate certificates and many more.

To help you decide if our cloud computing courses are right for you, we’ll offer you a careers consultation call. On this call we’ll explore your skills gaps and career aspirations and create an individual learning package to meet your needs. 

Choose to study with Learning People and the support doesn’t end there. Our Career Services team will help you improve your CV and give you tips to boost your employability as you start your job search.

Learning People student, June Jodie Egnell, says:

“I chose Learning People because they are friendly, offered helpful advice and were overall the most cost effective way of being able to learn in my own time.”

Want us to help you succeed in cloud computing? Get in touch today.